Ndeiya Is Officially The 13th Sub – County of Kiambu County!

Ndeiya Is Officially The 13th Sub – County of Kiambu County!

Kiambu County is made up of twelve sub-counties namely, Githunguri, Kiambaa, Lari, Limuru, Kabete, Gatundu North, Gatundu South, Juja, Kikuyu, Thika town, Ruiru and Kiambu Town.

DR.FRED MATIANGI ON 13TH June 10, 2022, Gazetted Ndeiya Subcounty, Making it the 13th subcounty of Kiambu county. Gazette Vol. 110 13-6-22 Special (Admin Units)

This means that Ndeiya now becomes a constituency with Two Divisions Namely Thigio and Mukoma. It will also have 4 locations and 7 Sublocations.

Previously, some parts of Ndeiya were in Kikuyu constituency, while the largest part was in Limuru Consitituency

Benefits for Ndeiya Sub-County

According to Amcco Properties Limited the benefits for Ndeiya Sub- County will be massive. First, as a sub county, it means the Ndeiya is a Constituency of its own and it will have a Member of Pariament (MP) to represent it. Secondly, it means the area will have two MCAs, from the current one.

As a result, it will enjoy the funds allocated to the MPs from the Constituency fund. Amcco Porperties notes that this is just an example of the benefits that will arise from resources being brought closer.

Espan from Amcco states that, “Ndeiya will now be compared to the mighty towns of kiambu, such as Ruiru and Thika, its time the sleeping Giant wakes up”

James Kimani the MD Amcco properties states, “Thanks to the Kenyan Government for facilitating this, it has been a prayer for most Investors in Ndeiya. Going forward Ndeiya will see massive rise of towns such as Thigio, Gikambura and Kamangu”.

Sub County Offices

The sub county offices were commissioned in 2021 and are currently being constructed. It is estimated they will be operational from 2023. What this means is that all county services will be provided from Thigio, and not Limuru. All Land Transactions and Licenses will be applied from the county offices in Thigio.

Investment Opportunities

According to Amcco Properties, Huge investment Opportunities now present themselves in this Ndeiya area. The once Sleep village has awakened. New government offices, means there will be demand for residential units and commercial units and business will start to thrive.

Thousands of employees from Government will need places to live. We expect this area to experience a sudden upsurge in demand for people looking for rental houses.

Thigio and Broti Towns are expected to mature and Match Gatundu and Ruiru towns in less than 5 years. According to Amcco Properties this will have a direct impact on the land prices.

Land Prices

Amcco Properties notes that Land prices in Ndeiya, have been on an upward surge for the last 2 years. The making of a new sub county will put more pressure in this prices. Currently plots range from 650k to 1million in Ndeiya , very soon we expect to see prices headed to 1.5m and 2.5m respectively

Amcco Properties has several projects in this area and advises client to invest while the prices are still Affordable

Gazette Vol. 110 13-6-22 Special (Admin Units)