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At AMCCO we believe that finances should not be a hindrance to property ownership. As such, we provide negotiated terms to enable everyone to own property based on their ability.

Our offices are located at TH Arcade Ground Floor, Gikambura along Dagoretti Road near Oakwood Hospital.

All properties owned by AMCCO are acquired through a transparent process and as such, they have ready and clean title deeds that can be scrutinized from the ministry of lands

We currently have phases in Kamangu, Thigio and Gikambura all located in Ndeiya Sub County, Kikuyu, Kiambu County. 

As a young company, our dream is to enable our clients to own property across the country, based on individual taste and preferences. As such, we endeavour to own and sell property across the country, based on demand

We specialize in sub division plots of equally demarcated 50 by 100 plots. All round beacons and graded access roads are set up for every plot.

Our site visits are absolutely free of all charges. Once you avail yourself at our offices, we shall then take you through your desired plots.

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Gikambura, Along Dagoretti Road, Near Oakwood Hospital
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