Kikuyu, a popular town well known to largely hold Kenya’s history for over decades is today’s topic of discussion. The town’s name was derived from its native community of the Kikuyu Tribe. To date, it stands to be among the fastest growing neighborhoods within the Nairobi Metropolis Area, in fact a huge population of Nairobi workers commute from this area.

How Did It All Begin?

Kenya’s Educational System was born in this town in the early 1890s. The formal education system nurturing doctors, lawyers, architects, entrepreneurs, creatives etc. today is as a result of Scotland Missionaries who settled in Kikuyu in 1890s. It started when the Imperial British East Africa felt that the interior of the land they were working in was ripe for evangelism. A call was sent out and within six years, missionaries landed in Mombasa from Scotland.

Among the major sub towns in Kikuyu that is Gikambura, Thogoto, Lusigetti, Kamangu and Thigio; they chose and settled in Thogoto. Their first establishment was the Church of Scotland Mission in 1897; currently known as the Presbyterian Church of East Africa.

Kikuyu’s Role In Kenyan Education

Thereafter, in 1901, the missionaries combined efforts and started the first boys’ boarding school with only seven students and one classroom. Later in 1920, the school had over 3000 students which then attributed to girls joining as day scholars. The school was renamed to PCEA Rev. Musa Gitau Primary School in 1975 from Thogoto Primary School.

kikuyuMoving forward, the first school offering secondary school education to Africans; Alliance High School was formed in 1926.To date Alliance High School has produced Kenya’s big names i.e., Anyang’ Nyong’o ,the Governor of Kisumu County and Ngugi wa Thiong’o; East Africa’s famous Novelist.

In 1948, Alliance Girls High School was formed to serve and nurture the girls to academic excellence as well as the boys. Both schools were started by The Alliance of Protestant Churches made up of the Anglican Church of Kenya, Methodist Church of Kenya and Church of Scotland Mission etc.
As years passed, the missionaries serving the PCEA went back to their home country since the church was stable enough to run and serve its purpose. Rev Musa Gitau was appointed the first African PCEA minister and continued serving the church. It grew on and expanded all over Kenya starting with the Mt. Kenya Region.

The church has so far sponsored educational facilities inclusive the Alliance Schools, Presbyterian University of East Africa, Thogoto Teachers’ Training College, PCEA Kikuyu Day High School and PCEA Rev Musa Gitau Girls’ Secondary School; all in Thogoto. PCEA Kikuyu Hospital; the best eye hospital in Kenya is also part of the PCEA sponsored institutions.



Aside from the church sponsored schools, there are other top-notch institutions offering reliable education inclusive;



Kikuyu is bursting with numerous educational opportunities ranging from primary, secondary to university level. This assures all investors that the education offered is a quality guarantee to the local residents. Kikuyu is beautiful, green and highly urbanized with local amenities similar to the ones in Nairobi. The southern bypass has widely connected this area linking to major highways that assure easy connectivity while commuting.

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