Land value appreciation is every land owner’s dream. The big question is how do you add value to your plot after purchasing it?
In this blog we lay out 5 activities that have evidently worked for our clients in Genesis Phase 1 and Genesis Phase 2, subsequently adding value to their plots with over 25% increment from Kshs. 799,000 in less than 6 months!

1. Run Basic Utilities To The Land

• Clean Fresh Water and Sewerage Systems Installation

Sanitation as part of our daily lives is only fulfilled by supply of clean fresh water. Additionally, farming activities thrive well where there’s plenty of water.

Therefore, ensure you liaise with the nearest water company for installation f water to your land or property.

In our phases, Limuru Water And Sewerage Company is very proximal to our properties in Thigio and Kamangu hence this makes water installation quick and affordable. To eradicate waste water from your property, have a plumber set up a functional sewerage system. This ensures you have clean water in and waste water out.

PRO-TIP: Establish A Reliable Drainage System: Note that the major challenge likely to occur after installation of water and sewerage systems is improper drainage. This can be seized by involving a professional plumber to install main pipes that connect your system to the community’s drainage system. After this process you can be assured of zero flooding or impurification issues due to improper drainage.

  • Electricity and Internet Connection

On the contrary, imagine life full of electricity blackouts or zero power at all. This would have made life hectic like decades ago when stable electricity was a thing only widespread in the capital. However, with the urbanization of local towns e.g. Thigio, extension of power lines into the interiors has been accomplished to serve all residents.
Additionally, the urge to connect to the digital world; working from home, online schooling or browsing on social media is rising drastically. You have the opportunity to join along by installing affordable internet from various multiple telecommunication suppliers sited in Kikuyu Town (Only 10 minutes from Kamangu Town)

Value: Having continuous water, electricity and internet supply to your property streamlines your family’s livelihood and also attracts tenants moving to rent on your property.

All the way from Kikuyu Town through Gikambura and past Kamangu you will view internet cables on poles; this is the rapid connectivity that will improve the value of your property. Connecting your residential home or rental property to the internet enables digital connectivity among the residents which is a plus for them.

2. Set Structures On Itplot

• Homestead – Build a House.

Majority of plot for sale buyers’ end goal is to build a home after purchasing the land. More than often land that has a homestead signifies the existence of a settlement in the area. This increases the chances of more people buying and building their homes next to yours. The value comes when you gain neighbors and develop a community together simply because you initiated the move to build your home in the area. Living in a well populated neighborhood is much more comfortable and safer than building to live next to zero neighbors.

• Rental Units – Build a Bungalow, AirBnb Or Apartments for Rental.

On the other hand, for some plot for sale buyers, investing in rental properties is a big catch. Building rental properties on your land attracts tenants who in the long run return with pay for residing there. With this money you will have sorted back the land purchase amount and immediately settle for a long-term rental profit business.

PRO-TIP: There is a high demand on rentals in Kamangu and Thigio sue to the urbanization of the Newly Commissioned Ndeiya Sub County. Much of the population is moving to reside in the area, guaranteeing a high return on rental investments.

• Farm Yard or Ranch – Rear Animals, Grow Some Food/Cash Crops or Setup a Green House.

Farming as a substantial venture that thrives well in Ndeiya. This is made possible due to the land’s rich and red fertile soil. To their advantage, each local resident has embraced both subsistence and cash crop farming commonly yielding greens, maize and beans.

Tip: Since the pre-colonial period, Ndeiya area was historically famous as a grazing yard with huge fields of green pastures hence the kikuyu derived name – “Ndeiya”.

With a surplus of the favorable area climate (averagely cool and wet) you can rear domestic animals i.e., cows, goats or chicken to supply milk and eggs for consumption at home or for selling to local shops nearby. Alternatively, an investment in a ranch or green house to commercially supply the markets with large quantity consumables i.e., meat, milk, vegetables is an open opportunity for you.


3. Enhance The Land’s Apearance

Our eyes are attracted by the beauty and outlook of a property in an area. This also applies when it comes to a parcel of land. When land is left idle, bushes and shrubs grow rapidly initiating an ugly look. The solution is landscaping and gardening. Take time to level your land and grow flowers or aesthetic plants on it. If land is left unutilized for years but these gardens are still thriving then there’s a good impression to your neighbors and anyone visiting the area.

4. Set Borders On The Land

Fencing is advisable after you have purchased a plot for sale in a new area. This creates a barrier that keeps off trespassers from misusing your land without consent.
More often it is hard to monitor your land when you reside far from it and illegal activities i.e. Burning charcoal and Over grazing might be initiated by those trespassers. To curb such activities, you should fence your land suitably with a quality mesh or barbed wire and quality hard poles. This also safeguards any construction valuables i.e., gates, building materials from theft.

plot5. Improve Accessibility To Your Plot

Smooth access to your land or property is a win to you and your visitors. This is enabled by accessible pathways and entrance points. Construct the main entrance point and set up a gate and doors to open different mini-pathways to your plot. The pathways can be murramed to eradicate muddy situations when it rains.

With proven success, the above information has worked fruitfully for our clients in a matter of months after their land purchase from AMCCO Properties Limited.
The residential and commercial development in the area is huge ranging from ongoing home constructions and also a recent set up of green house by one of our clients.

This same value awaits you after you own land in Kamangu and Thigio. Get to know more by speaking to us! Call us via 0701 293 199 or by sending an email address to