Land grabbing refers to any activity by which someone occupies or attempts to occupy any land over which they do not have any lawful entitlement on. They may or may not use force, threats or intimidation with a view to illegally possess the land.
Below are the steps you should follow to prevent your property from being grabbed:
  • Registration of property as per the laws applicable

This will help to ensure that your ownership is legally recognized and can prevent others from trying to take your land.
Nothing slaps hard like the law everyone respects what has been written down by the government and will not oppose it.
  • Keeping the documents related to any estate with utmost care

This includes title deeds and other relevant paperwork. Having clear and accurate documentation can help to prove that ownership belongs to you hence keeping the frauds far away from you. Read: How To Safeguard Your Title Deed
  • Payment of utility charges (water, electricity,) on time without delay

This will also help you in many ways for one, it will act like proof that you have been residing on that area for quite sometime as you have been paying utility charges.
  • Timely payment of government taxes (property tax, house tax, etc.)

This will help you establish a record of your ownership and shows that you are actively using and maintaining the property. It basically concentrates on the land is not idling around. Read: LAND LAWS IN KENYA.
  • Put up sign boards and fences on the boundary of the said property

Having that perimeter goas a long way to warn people that someone is living on that area or that land is in use hence they won’t dare.
Not only that but also it helps keep trespassers away from invading your area hence guaranteed security. 5 REASONS LAND FENCES ARE IMPORTANT
  • Seek Legal Intervention Through Court

If you have may be having a particular idea in mind about someone that’s trying to invade your land and you think he or she cannot be stopped by word of mouth, then consider involving the court, you can do this by hiring a lawyer to help you prove your ownership and protect your land rights.
  • Get You a Copy Of A Green Card

A green card is basically a document that contains all the records of all the ever made transactions related to the piece of land.
It’s always held by the land offices of the relevant county where the property or land is located. And so it’s always advisable to have such.
  • Occupy Your Land

This means that you are living there physically perhaps you are digging have planted things and the land is in use as in active. If by any chance you can’t be able to occupy the land then consider allowing someone to rent while you are away for added security and productivity. Putting in mind that owning land is like an investment.
This will keep the land scammers away from you area because it’s not bare land.