Important Details To Consider When Buying Piece of land in Kenya

Important Details To Consider When Buying Piece of land in Kenya

3 Important Details Consider When Buying Piece of land in Kenya

There are a number of things that one ought to take into account when buying land so that they know they are in a good place and won’t struggle to live after they’ve cashed in.

As far as there are others, there are those that are basic and that you cannot afford to live without.

1. Infrastructure and Transportation

Infrastructure can be defined as the basic physical and organizational structures and facilities needed for the operation of society.

They may also include highways and better road networks in terms of transportation.
When you are looking to buy land, you should always keep this aspect in mind.

Try and see that you can access your land even when the weather is bad, which is why it is always advisable for you to do site visits even when it is a rainy season or period.

Don’t just go and see the land when there’s sunshine and the sky is clear because then you may not be able to tell if the land is accessible when the sky is grey.
Basically, under this note on the proximity to the highway and the better infrastructure that is like the airport, if you are one who travels out more often, always look into details that will work in your favor; you are at liberty to do so and decide otherwise if a particular section doesn’t suit you.

I believe there’s always something for everyone, which is why we, Amcco, are not the only ones selling land; there are other companies that offer what we don’t.

It is a competition.

Amcco foreigners owning land from a company

Yes! But at the end of the day, what we really want as real estate sellers is for the customer to be satisfied and have exemplary service.

2. Education and Health Facilities

This is actually a must-have thing, like how would one reside in an area where there are no learning facilities nearby?

More especially, families would love to cut costs and have their children’s school close to their home so that they are able to trace their progress easily as far as learning is concerned, let alone guide them.

Having your children close makes it easier to monitor them and shape them just in case they slip.

We sell land that’s in close proximity to learning institutions up to the university level; you can bank on us with that.
Health Facilities.
Another major concern is that this actually should be a need.


A great philosopher once said, “What’s the essence of living large if you can’t take care of your own health?” Health does indeed come first.

You don’t want to end up in a situation where you are driving for 40 minutes plus to reach the nearest hospital, and as far as we all know, emergencies can be very stressful at times.

It is even better when you can call your doctor to come up to your place, and what if it is far and they are stuck in traffic?

Another situation you don’t want to be in before you cash in is the proximity of your place to the nearest hospital.

3. Presence of Utility Services

By this, I mean the presence and availability of water and electricity on site.

Ask yourself the question, Am I able to get electricity in my area?

What about water?

These are small things that many clients don’t take into consideration.

Their main goal is to always see that they have purchased the land and processed the title deed, and that’s it.

They believe that it is their worry to take care of that.
Today I am here to offer a message of hope and excitement that we at Amcco handle all that.

In all our projects that we’ve sold to all our clients, we see to it that they have water and electricity on site before we close the deal.

Because, mind you, the last thing you want is to worry about where you will get electricity and water.

Water and electricity are very essential; they make life a little easier because you cannot live without water as you use it daily.

Electricity is also basic as you’d need to charge something and use it at night unless you want to go old school and use lanterns! Maybe, who knows?
Lastly, don’t forget to look out for the gas and sewerage systems so that you get to understand how it all works.

There’s a reason there are agents; make use of them, and don’t hesitate to ask questions because you will be living on that very land.
In conclusion, always be inquisitive, and I believe the information that I just shared with you will help you in one way or another as you plan on being a landowner someday!
For anything you may need clarification on, reach out to us at +254 701 293 199 or, even better, visit our offices in Gikambura, Kikuyu and let us walk you through how you can become a land owner.