Property Value Trends in Kenya

Property Value Trends

Property Value Trends in Kenya by AMCCO Properties Limited

The real estate industry in Kenya is evolving rapidly, with new trends emerging almost every day due to changing times, varying tastes and preferences, innovations, and economic dynamics.

In the midst of all these developments, Kenya's leading land-selling and real estate company, AMCCO Properties Limited, has been right at the center and has played an integral part in ensuring clients keep up with property value trends.

In this article, we look at some of the trends shaping the real estate market.

Sustainable development.

Sustainable development practices are increasingly becoming part and parcel of real estate investment. Property developers are incorporating green building technologies such as installing solar panels, planting trees, embracing compound gardening, and adopting steel as opposed to tree poles and frames to avoid cutting down trees for construction purposes.

Most clients want eco-friendly spaces where they can relax and enjoy the beauty of life away from the chaos and noise of the cities and towns where they go to work.

Due to this increasing demand, real estate companies have started to incorporate sustainable development practices into their designs and construction plans.

AMCCO Properties Limited has been at the forefront of championing this course, and one can be assured of getting a property located in a conducive and eco-friendly environment.

Technology integration.

This is a major step towards enhancing efficiency in service delivery. Most real estate companies have their properties online for potential buyers to see, research about them and engage the seller for further discussions and clarifications if needed.

Advanced companies like AMCCO have gone a step further by incorporating virtual property tours and property management apps to enhance transparency and efficiency.

There are discussions to introduce apartment shares for interested clients. In this model, an apartment is broken down into shares, and interested clients would buy a share through blockchain and earn dividends.

Mixed-Use developments projects

Building complexes that integrate residential, commercial and retail spaces are the latest development designs that most real estate developers are embracing.

These development projects are gaining popularity, particularly in areas around Nairobi and other major towns, thanks to the convenience they offer.

Most office spaces today have hotels, shops, a gym and even a swimming pool around.

Home offices/working stations

When COVID-19 struck the country in February 2020, it paved the way for remote working options. This completely altered how employees worked.

Today, most clients want to buy a property with an extra space or room that can be used as an office.

They also require internet accessibility to allow them to complete their tasks without any inconveniences.

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Apartment complexes over standalone

Real estate developers are shifting from building standalone houses to setting up apartment complexes that can accommodate more people within a limited space.

This trend has been necessitated by the increasing population in urban centres, which is a result of migration from rural areas in search of employment.

The value of land in urban centres has also gone up, making ground expansion costly. To respond to this challenge, real estate developers are building more apartment complexes rather than standalone ones.

Customised designs

This is another emerging trend where customer preferences are playing centre stage in the structural designs of the property. Most clients now want to have very personalised living experiences with tailored designs that suit their tastes.

Real estate companies no longer put up properties randomly without understanding the new market trends and considering customer preferences.

It is for this reason that AMCCO Properties Limited always offers clients the opportunity to decide what and how they want their property to look.

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