How to Protect Your Title Deed

How to Protect Your Title Deed

How to Protect Your Title Deed

The best type of deed fraud protection is to keep your identity secure and safe from criminals.
Unfortunately, as more of our lives move online, there’s a higher risk that our sensitive information can be stolen and used to create fraudulent documents.
Below are five steps you can take to prevent deed fraud:

1. Get title insurance

This is a policy that protects you from any other financial loss just in case there are any spotted defects in the title of your property.
Having this guarantees you that you are the real legal owner of the property and have all the rights to do as you wish. It is also like another form of paperwork that backs up your words as the property owner, denying any form of fraud or paperwork errors.

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2. File a new deed

This will help you identify scammers.

This can also be done by monitoring the property deed and reporting any discrepancies that don’t add up to the authorities.

3. Install a security system

This can help protect unoccupied properties and deter thieves from stealing your documents, such as your title deed.
It doesn’t hurt to have a security system that sees what’s going on as far as keeping your documents safe is concerned.

4. Get owner’s title insurance

This is an additional policy that protects you from financial loss if someone challenges your ownership of the property.

5. Be vigilant

Always ensure you keep an eye out for any suspicious activity related to your property, such as unsolicited offers to buy or rent it or notices of foreclosure.
Above all, ensure that you work with a trusted, certified company like Amcco so that you are not frustrated in the long run.

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