How To Avoid Title Deed Fraud In Kenya

How To Avoid Title Deed Fraud In Kenya

How To Avoid Title Deed Fraud In Kenya

Fraud is rapidly expanding its wings in Real estate. For matters land ownership, Fraud cases are known as Title Deed Fraud.

The rate at which innocent land investors are being scammed and sold to “empty land” is practically alarming. Others are lured into signing fake documents hence consecutively losing off their land to cons and fraudsters.

  • Title Deed Fraud Meaning

  • Types of Title Deed Frauds and when they occur

  • Signs and Effects of Title Deed Frauds

  • How to Avoid Title Deed Frauds

To help you make the correct judgments and deal with legitimate real estate experts while buying land.

  • What is title deed fraud?

Title deed fraud, also known as identity theft of title deeds, is the illegal transfer and recording of land title without the knowledge or consent of the rightful owner.

In most fraud cases, landowners accept to sign documents without knowing their purpose.

On the other hand, corrupt lands registrars cooperate with scammers who even forge ID cards to achieve their fraud.

Scammers bear a method of transferring title deeds and afterwards take advantage of new title deeds.

When Title deed fraud occurs, there is a document that must be signed by the rightful owner, and most often there is a misunderstanding as to the purpose of the document.

In between this confusion, the owner will sign the document unaware of its irreversible consequences; transferring their Legit Title Deed to scammers.

  • Occasions when title deed fraud occurs

  1. Prime land where fraudsters can access important documents (Title deeds, ID cards or death certificates).

  2. If a family member passes away and had owned land, some relatives may attempt to illegally transfer title deed(s).

  3. Scammers target abandoned or vacant land.

  • Red Flags related to Title deed fraud

  •  If you notice development or activity on your land without your consent or that you are not involved.

  • If you haven’t consistently received electricity or water bills ; someone may have changed your Land.

  • What fraudsters do with the illegally transferred title deed?

  1. Illegally rent out the land to receive regular monthly payments from unsuspecting tenants.

  2. Acquire bank loans with the title deed

  3. Resell the land to other buyers or con them.

  • How the Kenyan law Protects Citizens from Title Deed Fraud

In scam cases, a title deed acquired fraudulently can be revoked upon prove by the victim.

A court order is usually issued to the relevant Land Registrar to remove the contentious records from the Land register.

  • How to protect yourself from title deeds frauds

  • Reserve a title deed

Place is a caveat first. This is merely a notice of a specific Title deed of the land to prevent actions such as sale, purchase, or use as collateral to acquire a loan.

  • Keep your title deed in a safe place

Storing your Title deed carelessly will expose it to scammers giving them access.

Therefore store your title deed in a safe place like illustrated in this blog


  • Do not sign documents without reading them

The transfer of land is initiated by signing a document. Avoid rushing into documentation without reading it.

  • Report missing Documents and Files to relevant Authorities

In case you misplace your National ID or Title deed, make a report at the police station followed by the land registry and other related offices to ensure the missing documents aren’t misused by criminals against you.

Finally, the most important move to avoid Title deed fraud is working with an established Real Estate Company like Amcco Properties Limited where Genuine Title deeds are issued in 45 days at no extra cost.