How To Safeguard Your Title Deed

How To Safeguard Your Title Deed

Safe and Secure Ways to store your Title Deed in Kenya

A Title Deed is a very precious document based on the value of land it covers.

This fact alone makes it vulnerable to theft and fraud from criminals.

Aside from theft and fraud, other factors like fire, water accidents and mishandling that will tear the document are possible risks.

We share the most secure and safe ways to handle, store and maintain your Title Deed in good condition.Amcco Properties Genesis V annex Project on Sale

Storage in Home or Personal Lockable Safe

From the onset of the 20th Century, safe boxes have been mostly used to store valuable items from external access without the owner’s consent.

Modern safes are the most reliable facilities for storing Title Deeds for a finite duration.

Safes can be stored at home or undisclosed storage institutions for example Banks

Safety features you may like to consider include fire and flood proofing, key locking, combination or digital locks and bolt attachments.

Additionally, Title Deeds should not be laminated, framed or otherwise altered and ideally should be stored flat rather than folded.

All enquiries should be directed to your bank or other financial institution.Amcco Properties Plots in Thigio

  • Solicitor or accountant

Solicitor or accountant Solicitors and accountants often provide options for the safe keeping of legal and other important documents.

The ministry of Lands recommends only considering this option where there is an established and trusted professional relationship in place and where the solicitor or accountant can demonstrate that your Title Deed will be secure in the event of a break in or natural disaster.

Why do I need to keep my Title Deed secure?

Your Title Deed is evidence of your ownership of land in Kenya and is required when you are dealing with the land.

It is important to keep your Title deed secure for two main reasons.

  1. Keeping your Title Deed secure can assist in protecting you from being a victim of land related fraud.

  2. Replacing a lost, stolen or damaged Title deed can be complex, time consuming and costly