AMCCO Properties Limited Ranked Among Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

AMCCO Properties Ranked Among Best Companies in Kenya

AMCCO Properties Limited Ranked Among Best Real Estate Companies in Kenya

Kenya's leading land-selling and real estate company, AMCCO Properties Limited, has once again been ranked among the best and most trusted companies in Kenya.

In the latest survey conducted by Politrack Africa, AMCCO scored an impressive 67.5%, which is a vote of confidence from industry players, including regulators, policy formulators, clients, and the general public.

Politrack Africa is a private independent company that specializes in gathering and analyzing data to provide economic, social and political insights or solutions to various industries and clients across the continent.

Why did Politrack rank AMCCO among the best real estate?

AMCCO was rated highly for outstanding service delivery that meets clients' expectations and adheres to market policies and regulations.

The company has played a key role in opening up remote areas for development by buying and developing properties for sale, enhancing sustainable development, and transforming landscapes.

Through excellent planning, innovative design, and  an unwavering commitment to excellence, AMCCO has invested in transformative projects that have turned around the socio-economic lifestyles of communities in different areas across the country.

With its main offices in Kikuyu, AMCCO has been instrumental in reawakening the full potential of the surrounding areas, such as Gikambura and Kamangu, by attracting investors and building a strong community of developers.

The once static landscapes in these areas have developed into dynamic hubs of contemporary living with beautiful residential enclaves and state-of-the-art commercial spaces.

AMCCO prides itself in offering clients top-notch services with strict adherence to ethical and professional guidelines. Every client is treated with the utmost care and attention from the consultation level to the final handover stage.

The company has a team of experts dedicated to making the client’s vision a reality.

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AMCCO Clients’ testimonials

AMCCO’s unwavering commitment in ensuring clients get the best services has not gone unnoticed. Hundreds of  happy clients have returned to give testimonials and recommendations.

Dennis Mwendwa, a state officer, bought land with AMCCO Properties Limited and was impressed by the smooth process the company used to complete the transaction.

“I came across AMCCO online, to be specific Instagram. I visited their office and I was taken to the site. I was able to identify my plot of choice and paid. Today I’m getting my title deed. The process has been smooth and I recommend AMCCO to anyone in the process of buying land or plot, or anyone planning to buy land in the near future,” said Mwendwa. 

Keziah Mburu was skeptical about buying land in Nairobi and Kiambu due to rising cases of fraud  and conmanship perpetuated by unscrupulous dealers.

She was referred to AMCCO Properties Limited and she did not believe the level of transparency and efficiency with which her land buying process was executed by the company.

“We have been looking for land and we were connected to AMCCO where we were taken through all the processes to buy a land. We are finally here to pick our title deed because we have been looking for a genuine land and AMCCO Properties Limited we are happy for you because we got our land and we have a title deed, God bless you,” she said.

Saida Ibrahim is another happy clients who recently bought a parcel of land from AMCCO. She did not hide her joy when she was called to pick up her title deed at AMCCO offices.

“I came here, and I was warmly received, everyone was willing to help. I met one of your sales guys, Joshua, and I really stressed him because you had so many plots, and I wanted to see all of them. They were all good and I bought one. I have full trust in AMCCO, and I will bring more people here to buy land,” she said after receiving her title deed.

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