How To Perform an Online Land Search

How To Perform an Online Land Search

How To Perform an Online Land Search In Kenya

In an attempt to become more efficient for Kenyans, the Ministry of Lands has been working to digitize all the land records in Kenya.

Finally, land buyers can now perform a land search online from the comfort of their homes.
In the past, land records were uncoordinated, making it possible for unscrupulous people to take advantage and steal land from rightful owners.

All this is set to change with the digitization of all land records in Kenya.

Conducting a land search for a property you intend to buy is one of the most important steps in the land-buying process in Kenya.

It is one of those steps you shouldn’t dare skip anytime you want to acquire land in the country.

Conducting a land search would help avoid getting conned or making a costly mistake when buying land.

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The essence of performing a land search in Kenya is that it will help establish the rightful owner of the property you seek to purchase land from and whether there are any pending issues relating to the ownership of the land. For instance, if there are any uncleared or unattended bills,

Below are the steps to be taken to perform an online land search:

  • The first step is to log on to the Ardhisasa platform

If you already have an account on the platform, you simply need to hit the login button, enter your ID number or Ardhisasa ID and password, and click continue.
If you don’t have an account on the platform, you need to hit the register button and enter the required information to open one.

  • Navigate to the Search Property Page

The next step is to navigate to the Search Property page.

Once on the page, type in the parcel number of the land you intend to acquire.

  • Provide the purpose of the search

Under the new platform, you must provide a reason for conducting the search.

The reasons basically explain that you intend to search for land or identify the owner of a particular piece of land that you have in mind.

  • Specify the scope of the search

The Ardhisasa platform also requires one to indicate the extent of the search they wish to conduct.

The options under this section include the following:
Particulars of only the active entries in the register of the parcel
Particulars of the full register, i.e., the property, proprietorship, and encumbrance sections

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  • Finally, submit the search application form

The next step is sending the request after defining the parameters of your search.

The landowner is then asked to approve the request.

Keep in mind that if the owner agrees, your request will be granted.

A Certificate of Official Search is used to document the findings of a formal land search.

The certificate offers a number of details that are essential to the land purchase procedure.

Below is what the land search form entails:

  1. The nature of the title (freehold or leasehold)

  2. The approximate area of the land

  3. The name and address of the owner

  4. Inhibitions, cautions, and restrictions regarding the land

  5. Impediments to the land, such as charges and leases

  6. Pending applications

The essence of issuing the above information is that the information on the name and address of the owner will help you determine if the individual or organization purporting to sell you the land owns it.
Information on inhibitions, cautions, and restrictions will help you know if there are issues that can hinder the land transfer.

Details regarding any pending fees will help you negotiate with the current owner on who is to clear the same.

Conducting the above procedure will help you eliminate fraud in land sales in the country.

It is important you conduct it.

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