4 Reasons to Invest With Us During This Season and Month of November

4 Reasons to Invest With Us During This Season and Month of November

4 Reasons to Invest With Us During This Season and Month

If you are looking for property or land, then November and December are the ideal months for you to invest in it.
The housing market is a buzz in the busiest holiday month, which also offers added advantages when looking for the ideal home, such as better service from estate agents, mature buyer profiles, and more room for negotiation for the buyer.

As of now, we are offering a 5% discount on all our projects that come with ready-made title deeds.

This is actually an offer that doesn’t come more often, and if I were you, I would seize the opportunity and grab one of my own.

We are currently selling some of our remaining projects as we plan on extending our market and reaching a wide market.

Here are 4 reasons why this festive season is an ideal month to invest:

We are analyzing the advantages of buying land this festive season, a year in which prices could close with a rise of more than 2% and 1.1% in 2024.


1. The Best Time When It Comes to Decision Making

Real estate experts agreed that if there’s a time that they easily find clients, it’s during the holidays because this is when people are relaxed and spending their money, and on this, we can truly attest to the fact that we usually have a number of clients knocking on our doorstep asking if we have a portion for them.

This is also an ideal time to make that decision, as there are many options available and many are on holidays. You can consider making that decision about becoming a landowner or buying a property because the demand is high.

It is during these very holidays that even some of our real estate agents hint that they don’t have much going on in their minds compared to other months of the year.

That doesn’t necessarily exclude the other months; it only states that this is the month you will get good, detailed insight and offers that you didn’t even know existed, so it is good to take advantage of such privileges.

2. A Good Month to Value Land or Property

This festive season light and the daylight hours allow us to value a property with more guarantees and during more hours of the day.

There are a number of projects that can be of great value if exploited earlier.

At a time when many want to go to the swimming pool, gardens, and open fields to relax and have fun, people are out on holidays.

How long will it take you to make that garden take advantage of such privileges that will put some money in your pocket?

And for those leasing property, this is just a once-in-a-lifetime deal you can give out for camping, gardening, parking, or anything else you want to do with your land, and of course we are not forgetting you will get something good in return.

Holidays are indeed the best times for such deals because you are certain that you will get something out of them, whichever the case.

3. Better Services from the Real Estate Agents

It is very obvious, and I will just be literate on the matter here: there’s less workload, and so the services offered are better and even great from our side; there’s that time, and as for you, there’s more time and more availability that will enable you to see properties.

As a buyer, you can see the house with great peace of mind.

Another added advantage of buying during this festive season is having better service from the real estate agents.

Very few people are interested in buying during the holidays, so agents are more thorough when selecting the properties and projects to view and can dedicate more time to each of the scheduled viewings.

We advise that you be quick once you’ve decided so you can secure your property of choice without it ending up going to another client.

4. Owners are open to negotiations

This is a time when people are out there and not as much money is actually needed as in the other months.

I’m not saying that there isn’t value; what I’m saying is that you can get a holiday discount that won’t be so bad compared to the initial price that was presented.

It is barely unlikely that you might get such a deal again, so my advice is to take the opportunity when it comes.

This is an ideal period of time to make such preparations and seize the moment before the holiday elapses. We currently have several projects that are doing well and selling out fast.

Some of our projects, like Thigio Breeze, are now 60% sold out!

Take advantage of the newly introduced Black November 5% discount and be a landowner today! This project is going for Kes. 899,000/-, inclusive of the title deed transfer fee.

Contact us via 0701-293-199 and start your land owning journey with Amcco Properties today.