This year (2022), we have been recognized and awarded twice in award categories that most would expect to fall for renown real estate companies who have invested in the land market longer than us. But that was never the case as we have managed to beat the odds providing new, unique and better-quality land solutions to land investors hence being awarded for a job well done.

The mentioned awards are:

1. Top 100 Real Estate Awards Winner 2022 -Top 100 Real Estate Awards 2022
2. The Best Land Selling Start Up in Kenya – Brand of The Year Awards 2022

At this point, some questions still remain unsolved to you:

• What value did they gain from investing with AMCCO?
• What are the unique land solutions we offered to those land investors?

This blog specifically details every information that has benefited over 100 new land investors in Kikuyu, specifically Thigio and Kamangu, in less than 2 years therefore ranking us as a reliable land selling company in today’s Kenya land market.

What Value Will You Gain From Investing with AMCCO?

Fast Turnaround Title deed Issuance Within 90 days

One of our major goals has always been to deliver on time. This applies all round from when we take you for a site visit, to when you identify your plot and complete the payment. In coordination with the Kiambu county lands registry, we process your Title Deed Within 90 Days. The headache from waiting and procrastinating was our first problem on the list to solve and this has over the time attracted land investors knocking our offices daily.

Fact: 60% of our land clients have referred more of their networks to us and their major reason is due to the quick Title Deed Process and issuance rate.

The process is so easy and fast that all you do is relax then come pick up your Title Deed when its ready.

Quick Note: The Title Deed Transfer process is further illustrated in this blog (https://amccopropertiesltd.co.ke/the-truth-about-title-deeds-part-2/)

• Excellent Customer Service Experience

From the first moment you engage with us via call or visit our offices physically, we commit time to listen and serve you. Once you schedule a site visit with any of our relationship managers, we slot a seat and ride you to the site in our executive van for free.
After the visits, the discussion proceeds between you, the Relationship Manager and Managing director. Whether you need land for residential or commercial purpose; we do direct you to the best available plots that fit your need.
After identifying your land of choice, we initiate the title deed transfer process as illustrated in this blog(link) then invite you to happily pick the title deed at our offices or safely parcel it to your destination for free.

• Huge Discounts, Unlimited Gifts and Seasonal Giveaways

The success of AMCCO Properties Limited is contributed by land investors who saw the essence in journeying with us towards their land ownership journey. For this, we do ensure to give thanks and share a smile with our clients. Each month we share gifts that range from AMCCO merchandise that is hoodies, caps, water bottles, T-shirts and also notebooks.
Seasons like Easter and Christmas are also dear to our clients and so we chip in to celebrate them with a special giveaway i.e., Festive Season Mbuzi
A price discount also applies when a client buys several plots at once or during special seasons inclusive of November known as The Black November.

Pro-Discount: This November 2022 we are running a discounted sale of up to 5% off per plot. Make a choice to invest more for less!

• Located within Nairobi Metropolitan Area

Earlier, most Kenyans were relocating to the capital and residing in the local estates. This went on until recent times where there has been over population in major estates that is vastly catching up and causing worries.
The need to relocate near Nairobi is fighting against the availability of prime and affordable plots to settle on. Land has become scarce due to the construction of numerous rental flats and apartments while the few remaining areas are extremely expensive for average land investors. This is where we jump in to curb the issue.

Our Plots for Sale in Kikuyu are located within Nairobi Metropolis areas due to its proximity to Nairobi CBD. This means that you will evade the congestion in Nairobi but still be able to access the CBD and all it offers easily.

• Land Appreciation at 60% Annually (Profitable Guarantee)

Reliable amenities inclusive water, electricity on site while administration offices, schools, hospitals and religious facilities distributed in the area has increased the growth value of land in Kikuyu. More than ever, you can now have several business opportunities at your disposal after investing in land today.

You can: –
1. Buy then allow the land to appreciate and resell later at a higher price.
2. Build rentals to serve the community and administrators relocating to run the newly commissioned Ndeiya Sub- County
3. Develop business units (shops, markets, basic facilities like clinics, private schools, entertainment joints)
4. Lease your land for a fee

invest • Easy & Smooth Accessibility to Nairobi CBD, Kiambu and Thika Road Environs

Owning a plot in Kikuyu opens variety of access highways inclusive Southern Bypass, Ngong Road, Waiyaki way and Lang’ata road which lead you into Nairobi in less than 35 minutes. Additionally, Thika road and Kiambu road environs are accessible through the Nothern Bypass that extends from the Southern Bypass.

• Plots With Reliable Amenities/ Touching The Tarmac

This has been a significant factor to our fast sell out rate. All our plots are purchased by new investors in less than 2 months after their launch.

Short case study: Genesis Gardens Phase 3 was launched on 30th September 2022 and 4 weeks later the project had only 4 plots remaining to sell out.

Reason: The plots are touching the tarmac guaranteeing you a smooth ride all the way to your gate.

• Affordable Pricing rates

You might ask “Aren’t there other companies selling plots near the tarmac in the area?” Our answer is; “Yes there are in fact several.” But what has put us on the spotlight with the best product different from theirs is affordable pricing. Genesis Gardens Phase 3 was Ksh 999,000 whilst the New Genesis Gardens Phase 4 next to the tarmac goes for Ksh 1.2 million. Often, plots for sale sold near the tarmac in Kamangu and Thigio retail at over 1.5 million Kenyan shillings per 50 x 100 plot hence this has come as an amazing surprise but nevertheless a big value to land investors.

To date we are 2 years old and the journey to making new happy land owners each day has never been better! If and when you are ready to make your investment journey with us, our doors are open. Visit Our Offices at TH Arcade, Gikambura in Kikuyu or simply call 0701 293 199.