5 Reasons As To Why You Should Invest in Kikuyu

5 Reasons As To Why You Should Invest in Kikuyu

5 Reasons As To Why You Should Invest in Kikuyu

Kikuyu is a town in Kiambu County, Kenya, that grew from a settlement of colonial missionaries back then, after we got independence.
The town is located about 20 kilometers northwest of central Nairobi.

It is about 20 minutes drive from Nairobi CBD via a number of routes that are all tarmacked and have lit street lights.
Below are some of the reasons why you should invest in Kikuyu:

  • Serene and scenic environment

Kikuyu is a very nice place with a cool environment surrounded by greenery and good hilly views of the Ngong Hills.
If you are an investor and are in need of an area where you can settle with no traffic or bus noise, then this should be your destination.

For those who are with families and are looking for a place where they can raise their young ones under supervision, this is the place.

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  • Proximity to Nairobi CBD

You work in Nairobi. Worry not, we’ve got you covered. As explained above, Kikuyu is just 20 kilometers away from the Nairobi Central Business District, which is roughly 30 minutes drive from town.

This makes Kikuyu a good area if you are working in town because you can easily and quickly get to town and back without having to worry that you will be late.

  • Growing infrastructure

Kikuyu is actually growing at a faster rate than you’d expect.

The area has outstanding buildings and other business facilities that have made people relocate so that they can get employed and earn a living out of it.
The Southern Bypass alone has been finished with a well-tarmacked, lit street that has made it easier for people to commute from their workplaces and back without getting stuck.

Now this has led to an increased population, which has resulted in other houses being set up for accommodation.

  • Better reliable learning and business facilities

The area has better learning institutions that have housed students from all over the country, as well as supermarkets and hospitals that run on a 24-hour clock.
This is actually something that everyone who wants to reside somewhere looks at: are they able to get food?

Can they get to a nearby hospital? and any learning institutions; once those are met, you are good to go.

The projects that we are selling at Amcco have it all at your disposal.

amcco owning land as a chama in kikuyu

  • Affordable land prices

Our land prices are very affordable compared to those of other land dealers, who have theirs slightly higher.
We also have a monthly installation plan should it happen that you cannot be in a position to pay the entire required amount.
We have land that goes as low as 899,000 Ksh, which is less than a million shillings. Also, consider it an added advantage as land appreciates in value over time, thereby guaranteeing that you will reap the fruits of your sacrifice should you decide to sell or lease it afterwards.

You can reach us at this phone number: +254 701 293 199. or even better, visit our offices located along Gikambura and Dagoretti Road. You can also email us at amccoproperties@gmail.com.

We at Amcco believe that the customer’s opinions matter and should be taken into account, and we have a trained team that’s ready to serve you whenever you are ready to trade with us.

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