Top 5 Places You Can Visit in kikuyu Town

Top 5 Places You Can Visit in kikuyu Town

Top 5 Places You Can Visit in kikuyu Town

Kikuyu town, a municipality in Kiambu County, is only 20 minutes from Nairobi CBD and is accessible either through the Southern Bypass or Waiyaki Way.
Despite Kikuyu being a nice, cool area to reside in, there are also other areas where you can go and relax your mind on a weekend or after a long day.

Below is a list of areas that you can visit in Kikuyu Town.

  • Nachu Caves

Famously known as Ngurunga cia Njangiri (meaning Thugs Caves), Nachu Caves are located on Gatune Hills.

The caves are rocky and slippery.

The path to get here shifts from mud, bush, and shrubs to grazing fields as the Ngong hills come into clear view. This short and sweet adventure requires crawling on fours when descending with a touch of balance.

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  • Goshen Restaurant

This restaurant is owned by missionaries who have preserved its original design. The wooden structure is decorated by indigenous timber beams that crisscross each other.

The color painted on them symbolizes peace and a feeling of calmness.

The locals call it ‘Banguru’ because of the high accent, when they should actually refer to it as Bungalow. It is really a nice place to chill and relax with a good meal and hospitality.

For crafted beers lovers!

It is located in Levilla Gardens.

Kikuyu is among the newest craft breweries in Kenya; it is now 3 years old since it was opened and the very first to make unpasteurized craft beer.


The bar is just 5 minutes away from Kikuyu town.

They have created 13 distinct craft beers. You will have the opportunity to sample some of their signature crafted beers, including Cliff Hanger, Karibrew, Ni How, Sand Trap, Golden Rump, Maxwell House, and the 254 Brewing Co. Maxwell’s house is their newest addition to the block.
For those who love crafted beer, this is your ideal place to chill, and the prices are very affordable.

  • 902 Street Art Hub

A very beautiful, outstanding, picture-perfect place for artists in general. The graffiti that is on those walls stands out, which goes a long way to telling you that art culture is still embraced in this area. This is an area you ought to pass by when you are at Kikuyu.

  • Leilani Gardens

If you have a family or a large gathering and you are looking for a place you can go and have fun as you watch your kids or want to hold parties, then this garden should be on your list.

Their evergreen grounds make it stand out with all the fun activities that can be done in that area.
The interesting part that is loved by many is the awesome kids’ playground, which includes a jungle gym, trampoline, awesome swings, and tons of toys to keep your little angels entertained. Which parent doesn’t like seeing that you break the monotony once in a while and drive your cards to Leilani Gardens and spend the day there?
The charges are very affordable, as they are as low as 200 ksh (293 ksh).