Zoning Violations all Property and Land Owners Should Know

Zoning Violations all Property and Land Owners Should Know

Zoning Violations all Property and Land Owners Should Know

For starters, zoning code violations refer to any infringement of the rules and regulations put in place by local governments to regulate land use and development within their jurisdiction.

Despite the good intentions of property-owning entrepreneurs, new uses can often lead to zoning infractions and legal action by municipal zoning authorities. The result is a tension between property owners working to achieve the highest and best use for their property and zoning authorities working to minimize impacts and preserve the predictability of uses for a given neighborhood.

Below are some of the zoning violations that you should take into consideration:

1. Building Code Violations
It happens in most cases where you find an owner has decided to construct a building or structure without obtaining the required permits or fails to comply with the building code requirements.

Building codes are always put in place to ensure that building codes can have serious consequences, like fines and demolitions. This is because a building that is built without approval from the higher authorities not only endangers the lives of many but also the lives of those whose lives are at stake. It also destroys the good reputation of the higher authorities should anything at all happen to it, like, for instance, a collapse or something of that sort.

All building codes should be adhered to and legal steps undertaken before any construction is given a green light.

2. Occupancy Violations
This entails an owner using the property for a purpose it was not initially intended for. Many people take advantage of this because of the sweet deal they have gotten and don’t see getting another one like this; hence, they tend to want to make the most of it by maximizing their stay in that property by doing the complete opposite of what is initially expected for the property.

For instance, when using a residential property for commercial purposes, residential property is property that has been specifically reserved for people to reside in, whereas commercial property is property reserved for business activities.

3. Parking Violations
All those who own cars can truly relate to this one, especially those who love double parking. Those kinds of people who love parking their cars next to a line of parked vehicles, making the other drivers have a hard time leaving leave alone and getting inside their car, now have to go looking for the owner whom they might not know.

It can also apply to parking at the wrong spot; some actually do it even with bigger signs put up telling them not to do it.

4. Signage Violations
This entails installing or putting up signs or billboards that are too large or too high, especially in areas where you are not permitted to have them. At times, it can be that the signs being put up do not comply with the required size.

This alone can be executed from the area, even if you have paid good money.

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5. Setback Violations
This is any construction or development that infringes on the required setback distance from the property line.

The last thing those staying in real estate properties want is someone trying to diminish their already small space that they are all trying to fit in or anything that might be a problem and prevent them from reaching their homes in peace after a long day at work. The last thing you want to hear is ‘Take Diversion

6. Environmental Violations
This refers to doing anything that will just make your neighbor as pissed as you will have been if you found litter thrown everywhere that not only endangers the lives of the young children in the estate but also attracts certain pests that may jeopardize everyone’s health.

7. Noise Violations
This is actually known by almost everyone, any activity that involves generating noise that’s way too loud, unlike what’s allowed, is actually something that’s not permitted.

This is an area that’s away from traffic noise, and there’s a reason people sorted to relocate there, and the least you can do is try to ruin the ample peace that resides within. You don’t want to traumatize people!

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