Pros and Cons Of Living in a Gated Community

Pros and Cons Of Living in a Gated Community

Pros and Cons Of Living in a Gated Community

A gated community is a residential area that is enclosed by gates or walls, with access typically restricted to only residents and their guests who record their names at the main gate before they are granted access.

Below are the pros of living in a gated community, as described above:

1. Exclusivity

It gives all the tenants a great feeling of togetherness, in the sense that it shows they are side by side and in agreement with each other.
It’s a status symbol that some people enjoy having, especially when there are rules in place to maintain the consistency of the look and feel of the area.

2. Assured Safety

There’s surely guaranteed security that they are safe because these people are surrounded by a perimeter wall, and even others have an electric fence that will make it hard for outsiders to break in.
And also, living in a gated community that’s surrounded by a perimeter makes it pretty easy to guard the insiders because the patrols are done regularly, especially at night.

Another added advantage is that the neighborhoods will be able to monitor who comes and goes through the gates; this very action makes people feel safer compared to staying out there.

3. There’s privacy

Everybody truly values privacy and their own private space, and there’s nothing good the gated community offers, amongst other things like privacy.

When one has privacy, they get to do what they want; nobody wants to be monitored, looked at, or assessed on what they are doing.
It becomes a place where you can conduct your daily business without much interference from the outside world.

4. A Serene Environment for People to Concentrate

Gated communities are always very silent and quiet; rarely will you find these places with noise pollution, unlike the outside world.
Less traffic means that noise levels are lower, making it easier to feel at peace even when you’re living in a substantial urban environment.

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5. High home values

Everybody knows how big of a deal the gated communities are; even if you could bring in a random person, they could tell that the gated communities have a touch of class.
Whichever house you’ve built up, if you ever think of auctioning it, the price at which you will sell it will be way more expensive than you’d think because of the area.

An area does play a role in contributing to an area’s value and increased appreciation.

6. Fewer solicitors will be knocking at your door

Gated communities, as described above, restrict access to people getting inside; hence, all the unwanted people are filtered at the gate and aren’t allowed access.
Those of us who’ve resided in plots before can truly attest to this, as there were a number of uninvited guests who could knock at your door with promotional goods and services.
In gated communities, if someone doesn’t have the authority to be in the community, then the rules may allow you to contact the authorities for trespassing.

I even doubt if they’ll pass at the main gate.

7. There are quite a number of amenities in the gated community

Some gated communities have swimming pools, of course, free parking, and even a playground where kids can go to play.
When you compare the cost of these amenities with the private memberships you’d be paying in your community, you’d truly agree that this is actually another added bonus.

Cons of the Gated Community

1. Isolation

The bad thing about Gated Community is that it develops an aspect of loneliness that makes you feel isolated from the rest of the world.

You rarely interact with people, unlike the outside world, which has people moving around and saying funny, interesting things you truly miss out on.

2. It’s expensive

Everything that the gated communities come with shows why the prices are a little bit expensive; the amenities, the security, and the area explain all that.

3. You’d have to adhere to its rules and regulations

When you decide to start living in a gated community, you’re required to follow the rules of the neighborhood; whichever way the rules sound weird, you’d have to adhere to them all.
If you’re the kind of person who prefers to live in your home without being bothered by outside rules, then this disadvantage of a gated community is an issue to consider.

4. There are other additional charges

Living in these gated communities means that you are covered on many things, and one of the things you have to remain aware of is paying the monthly bills, including security costs, infrastructure repairs, garbage collection fees, and other extra costs.

5. Receiving deliveries can be a challenge

Most gated communities don’t allow outsiders, even if you are a delivery guy.

At times, you might even be told to leave the pizza at the gate and turn.

It is just a long process for you to be allowed to go inside, and they don’t care. If you are feeling hungry, protocol applies.

These are some of the rules of gated communities that many don’t like.
So when deciding between a gated community and buying land, be certain that it is what you want before sealing the deal.