Why Now is the Ideal Time To Invest Along Waiyaki Way

Why Now is the Ideal Time To Invest Along Waiyaki Way

Why Now is the Ideal Time To Invest Along Waiyaki Way

Waiyaki Way is roughly 2 kilometers from Westlands, and below are some of the reasons that now is the ideal time to invest in this area.

  • Fast-growing infrastructure

The area has a four-lane highway that has quite a number of better facilities to serve people within that area.
For example, settling along Waiyaki Way is a great deal because, for one, you are guaranteed that you will shop for quality products as there’s Naivas Supermarket; there’s a lounge that you can park and chill; and for those who want to rest and stare at the developed area, there’s also Mountain View Mall that entails everything household item you may need, both kitchen and bedroom, you name it.


Not forgetting a couple of learning facilities along the way as well.
Land appreciates in value with time because of how fast things are changing. Now it’s upon you to make that decision before stocks last.

  • Improved Road Networks

The road was recently expanded, and on top of that, a couple of street lights were also added in the process.

All this was done so that they could see that there was no congestion or traffic that would delay people from arriving at their destinations.

Amcco LAND waiyaki wayAnd it’s due to this that quite a number of people have relocated to that area because there’s a well-developed road network that they can use to reach their places, as well as another opportunity for investors who want to invest in agribusiness.

The farmers can be certain that their goods will not go bad on the road, which is also an encouragement to young farmers to grow their businesses and even consider adding other things they never initially had.
Staying in this area is a good deal because of the reasons explained above.

  • Amenities on Site

You can’t definitely stay along Waiyaki and lack water and electricity on this one, but you can be certain that it has been handled.
The presence of malls and other better facilities like hospitals and industries goes a long way toward telling you that the area highly depends on water and electricity to run.
The emergence of industries and other newly set-up facilities has greatly contributed to the growth of the area and its assurance.

  • You are not caught in traffic

Unlike other areas like Thika Road, which has a couple of lanes but still has heavy traffic, Waiyaki Way’s newly tarmacked highway is clear and smooth, free of congestion.
You can be certain that you will always be on time at work, as it takes 30 minutes at most to drive from the Nairobi CBD and back, keeping in mind that it is a clear road.

  • Ample Environment

The area is 30 minutes away from disturbance noise from town, making it a good area to reside in without having to be bothered with traffic noise.
A favorable climate with beauty and greenery.
We have a project along Waiyaki Way called “The Beverly Estate” that can see that you enjoy the above privileges.

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