The Real Estate Market has been resilient

Affordable and Prime plots for sale with re

As we finish the Q1 of 2024, Amcco’s consistency and growth is evident in terms of quality of projects we have availed to our clients. We ended 2023 on a high note, consistently doing a

project every month. We started the Year by rebranding our logo and slogan to “WE ARE TRUSTED” OR “TWA AMINIKA”.

This was an acknowledgement of our continued delivery to our clients over the few years of operation.

In 2024 we have, for the first time, done a project touching tarmac, Silver Crest Estate.

This aligns to Amccos mission of selling reaplots to our client. It also aligns to our Vision of selling value, meaning ensuring our clients have maximum returns on their  land Investmentsdy to settle but affordable

The Real Estate Market has been resilient for the past 1 year, showing significant improvement post election period.

With political stability, most Kenyans are able to make clear investment decisions. Kikuyu and Limuru have emerged among the best performing sub counties in terms of land appreciation , averaging 60% appreciation rate  annually.

For Example, Amcco started selling the precious phases at 899k for a 50 by 100 plot,  currently we are on Phase 6, one year later an we are currently selling  at 1.3m for the same, same 50 by 100 plot. This is just an example of the huge Value we  continue giving our clients.

The opportunities in the Larger Ndeiya are massive,  with several infrastructure projects already approved, some have actually started.We expect Ndeiya to overtake Ruiru and Ngong in terms of demand by the end of 2024.

Most customers have been in the “knowledge phase”, trying to understand this new market or area, its opportunities and direction of growth.

However, now majority of the clients have seen the direction the market is taking and the demand will exponentially grow within 2024 and 2025, meaning higher appreciation rates.

Amcco properties Limited, remains committed to be a leading real estate solution in Kenya. We continue to settle Nairobi’s, and ensure value for every coin Invested with us.