As promised earlier, In 2023 we are serving you the best plots for sale deals in Kenya. To accomplish this, February 2023 kicked in with the launch of 2 new great plots for sale projects located in Kikuyu that are worthy of your investment. Despite the rapidly rising land prices, we have maintained affordability whilst guaranteeing you high value from these projects.

In this blog, we walk you through Genesis Gardens 5 and Precious Gardens by detailing the amenities, resources, and investment returns from each project.plots for sale

  1. Location and Accessibility

Genesis Gardens 5 and Precious Gardens are located in Thigio area, 10 minutes from Kikuyu town via Kamangu. The fastest route to the site is Ondiri Road from Kikuyu Town which joins the Thogoto Mutarakwa road at Kamangu Town which connects with the Ha Koinange – Kiriri road that leads to where our plots are located in Thigio. The second reliable route is via Southern Bypass to Thogoto – Mutarakwa (Dagoretti) Road, to Ha Koinange – Kiriri road then Thigio which is approximately a 15-20 minute ride.

Accessing your plot from the main road gets better as both projects are covered by newly tarmacked road branching from Thogoto – Mutarakwa (Dagoretti) Road.

Genesis Gardens 5 is 50 meters from the tarmac whilst Precious Gardens is 500m from the tarmac road. It is pleasing to know that accessing your land is smooth and quick using the newly tarmacked road networks available. plots for sale

  1. Land Purpose and Suitability

The way you choose to utilize your land after purchasing depends on your needs and urgency. Therefore, we always stand close to guiding our land clients on the most suitable ways to utilize their land. This starts from the site visit whereby we help you select what you need and where you need it. The two new projects are preferably the best so far in the Kikuyu land market due to their residential suitability. Building a home in a well-developed area will settle you comfortably into the neighborhood.

In terms of speculation purposes, Genesis Gardens are more commercial and set to reap huge profits over a short speculation duration. The plots are just 50 meters from the tarmac road making it more preferred by land clients looking to purchase urgently near the road. Therefore, as an investor you can buy plots and resell them as hotcakes in later months; that’s a guarantee for sure.

  1. Area Drainage, Climate, and Soils

Genesis Phase 5 is composed of purely red soils while Precious Gardens is composed of loam soils making both projects conducive for agricultural purposes. Cruising within the neighborhood, most locals have grown maize and beans and others have reared some domestic animals due to the warm climate balanced by convectional rainfall.

Greenhouses are common in the area and are active in producing groceries including tomatoes, kale, onions, carrots, and outdoor crops such as cabbages and arrowroots. With subsistence farming, fresh staple food for household consumption will never be an issue. The flat terrain of Thigio assures good drainage when plumbing errands are sorted well within your land property. It is unheard of that flooding has occurred within the Thigio area.

  1. plots for sale

    Electricity, Water, Internet, and Network Systems

 By today, the Kenyan Government has ensured major coverage and connectivity of electricity and water systems across the country. It is very rare to find places without electricity or water unless under very harsh climatic conditions.

Thigio is well covered with electricity from Kenya Power substation and water supply from Limuru Water and Sewerage Company just 15 minutes away. Water installation to your land is very affordable and only takes days before your application is approved and the company starts the process. Alternatively, fresh clean underwater is utilized by locals who opted for boreholes meaning you can benefit directly from a community borehole or have one dug.

Due to the growing number of residential homes count, internet systems have been set up by various network companies including Safaricom which offers fast-speed internet for home use in Kikuyu and Thigio. Making calls or sending texts from your phone within the area is also guaranteed due to a stable network from network boosters nearby.

  1. Schools, Hospitals, Security, Fun, and Entertainment Joints.

Kikuyu as the cradle of education in Kenya serves you the best schools ever. This includes Alliance High school, Alliance Girls’ high school, Moi Girls’ High school Kamangu and Green Gardens schools which offer quality high school education. For primary and kindergarten schooling, Green Gardens Schools, Damacrest Group of Schools, Kamangu Primary school, and Kiriri Primary School are some of the best local academies proximal to Thigio.

Below is a list of health facilities that are reliable and affordable to cater to the community health needs;-

  • Oakwood Hospital – Gikambura

  • Lusigetti Level 4 Hospital – Lusigetti Town

  • Orthodox Hospital – Kamangu Town

Thigio is surrounded by entertainment joints that can be visited for fun activities i.e. swimming and games and also entertainment in the restaurants and music hubs. This includes the Kilimo Grand Resort, Kamangu Gardens, Hideout Lounge, Honeywell Resort, and Rio Breeze Gardens, among others.

Kikuyu Police station, Kamangu Police post, and Kiriri Police post are units set up to safeguard the security welfare of the locals. Insecurity and crime cases are handled immediately to ensure the community is at peace.

  1. Affordable Land Prices and Ready Title Deeds.

Genesis Gardens 5 is selling at 1.4 million Kenyan shillings per paid in cash and 1.5 million Kenyan shillings in 3 monthly installments. On the other hand, Precious Gardens is relatively affordable at 899,000 Kenyan shillings paid in Cash and 999,000 Kenyan shillings in 3 monthly installments. All plots have Ready Title Deeds which are issued 90 days after full payment. The process is swift and direct as illustrated in this blog.

The projects are only 1 week old and it is evident with the huge inquiries we are receiving daily, they won’t be available for long. Better half loaf than no loaf; therefore we invite you to come to have a look and preferably book your plot before they are sold out.

Invest today in the Thigio area by calling 0701 293 199 or emailing us via Our offices are open Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm located at TH Arcade Gikambura, Ground Floor.