Investment opportunities of land ownership in Kenya

Investment opportunities of land ownership in Kenya

1.Your own home

Building a home should be the stepping stone to creating a budding ownership.

Even the birds of the air and the ants on the ground build their own nests, so why should a human being continue paying rent for the rest of his life?

A home is a wise investment because even if you do not plan on selling it soon, it still has monetary value and it can be used as leverage when seeking loans from financial institutions.

The appreciation aspect of it cannot be ignored because if you decide to sell your home, later on, it will certainly be a worthy investment,

The comfort of having your own home gives you peace of mind.



2.Residential houses

According to the National Housing Corporation estimates released last year, Kenya has an annual housing deficit of more than 200,000 units.

To ease the problem, 150,000 new units are needed per year. If you decide to spend your money easing this deficit and say, build an apartment complex, you will be making hay while the sun shines.

Noting that residential units are easy to rent, sell and finance, they can serve as both solid investments as well as personal residences because the investor could decide to live in one of the units.

3.Raw land

This is just a parcel of land without any development on it. When buying raw land, it is important for speculators to watch out for catalysts that can work in their favor in pushing up the price.

A catalyst could be an upcoming external development, most often a road.

Raw land can also be leased or rented to provide cash flow. To get even more from it, you can buy many and later sell it in smaller units.