Land buying Process in Kenya

Land buying Process in Kenya: A guide by AMCCO Properties Li

Land buying Process in Kenya

  • Identify the land you want to buy

The easiest way to find land to purchase is to search online to identify reliable land-selling companies such as AMCCO Properties Limited.

AMCCO is available on all social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. You can check the reviews from previous clients to make informed decisions. You can also filter your search to pick an appropriate location and price that is pocket-friendly.

  • Carry out land search

Once you have identified the land you want to buy, engage the seller and ask him for the title deed to conduct a land search. This can be done through the Ardhisasa platform. If the land you want to buy has been added to the system and verified by the Ministry of Lands, you will be able to get results in a matter of minutes. If you are a new user, you will be required to create an account before you do the search.

Some of the details required to open the account include your National ID number, email address and phone number. Once you log in and perform the search, the platform will inform you who owns the land you want to buy, its size, and whether there are any caveats associated with it.

  • Conduct a search of where the land is located

Different locations have different land rates and policies governing the use of that particular land. It is there advisable to visit the office of a land surveyor near the place you want to buy land to get the correct information about the property you are interested in.

If you want to buy a parcel of land in Kikuyu, visit a land surveyor based in Kikuyu or Kiambu County to help you do a proper search. This will help you determine if the land has any pending rates owed to the government. It is advisable that the seller clear the land where it has pending rates before the actual purchase happens.

Alternatively, it can be negotiated so that the buyer clears the rates and purchases the land less the amount he or she incurred in clearing pending land rent and rates. It is important to get all copies of receipts and certificates confirming payment and clearance of land rents and rates.

  • Get a Survey Map

This will help you know the boundaries of the land you are buying. The Ministry of Land provides survey maps upon request. The other recommended option to navigate this is to seek the services of a land surveyor.

Physically visiting the land Even though advanced land-selling companies such as AMCCO Properties Limited have 3D visual tours that allow clients to see any property they are interested in without necessarily going there, it is advisable that, as a buyer, you find time to visit the site to see that the land actually exists and is located in the exact place you were told or shown.

  • Ensure the seller has authority and consent to sell the land

This is usually a technical part that may require the help of a lawyer to navigate. With the increasing cases of fraud in land transactions, it's important to confirm whether the seller has the right, authority, and consent to sell the land. This will help avoid future legal disputes that may be raised by other parties interested in the same land.

  • Sign the Sale Agreement

This is a legally binding document prepared by a lawyer or lawyers to protect both parties from potential future disputes. They include details about the names of the buyer and the seller, the size and location of the land, payment terms and what happens in case of a breach of contract.

Ensure that you are satisfied with the verification process and that you have no shred of doubt about the property before signing this agreement.

  • Land Transfer

Once you complete the payment, the seller is obligated to prepare and sign all relevant document effecting the transfer of ownership of the land to you. This is another critical stage at which, as a buyer, you must have a witness and a lawyer to counter-check the documents and ensure everything is done properly and in accordance with the law.

AMCCO Properties Limited has a team of experienced surveyors, advocates and consultants who routinely help clients navigate these complex processes and acquire their property legally and genuinely for posterity.

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