Is there still affordable land for sale around Nairobi?

Is there still affordable land for sale around Nairobi?

Kenya has witnessed an unprecedented increase in infrastructural development in the past few years. Most of these developments are programs of the national and county governments ushered in by the constitution of Kenya -2010.

As a result, the demand for real estate investments continues to rise, especially in areas around Nairobi in what is also known as satellite towns.plots_for_sale

Indeed, a simple comparison of land prices across the various satellite towns paints a clear picture of land demand around Nairobi.

AMCCO Properties Limited, your real estate investment partner, explores some of the areas around Nairobi where you can find affordable land for all your commercial and residential purposes.

Remember, AMCCO Properties has parcels of land around the Nairobi Metropolis region and the neighbouring counties within proximity to the Northern, Southern, Eastern, and Western (expected to be completed in 2022) bypasses.

Our land is also close to major establishments and malls within the Metropolis region. Some of these areas include Ngong, Juja, Kamulu, Limuru, Kikuyu, Kitengela, Limuru, and Malaa. Let us explore some of these areas.

  1. Kitengela – The satellite town is located in Kajiado County, which neighbours Nairobi to the south. If you are looking for a serene environment that is well developed and has proximity to tarmacked roads and well-developed social amenities, Kitengela is your ideal place.
    AMCCO Properties has parcels of land a few meters from the Kitengela Namanga highway. Some of the major malls around Kitengela include the Signature Mall and the Crystal Rivers Mall.In Kitengela, the land goes for between Kshs 500,000 and 3 million for a plot depending on the location. The rates are the same for Ngong, an equally developed urban area with access to modern infrastructure and proximity to the Nairobi CBD.

  2. Kamulu – Located on the eastern side of Nairobi, Kamulu is one of the fastest-growing areas around the city.
    Most of AMCCO Properties ‘parcels of land around the area are near the tarmac. The road leading to the area, Kangundo Road, is set to be upgraded to become a dual carriage highway in the next five years, making the area the perfect choice for an investor wishing to purchase land for selling later at a higher price.AMCCO Properties in the area are affordable since plots go for as low as Kshs 550,000 in the area, depending on the location.It is also worth noting that Kangundo Road also opens to other areas like Malaa, Ruai, Joska, and KBC, where you can also find land at similar prices.

  3. Juja – The completion of the Thika Superhighway in 2012 resulted in the emergence of settlement areas around it.Shopping malls and educational facilities have also mushroomed around it, making it a desirable place to invest in.AMCCO Properties has affordable freehold properties around the Juja area, going for between 700,000 and 2 million, depending on the location.

    Juja’s proximity to Nairobi makes it possible to access social facilities within the Nairobi CBD. Alternatively, one can invest in parcels in other parts of the Nairobi Metropolis region, such as Lumuru, Ndeiya, and Kikuyu, where land is affordable.