Purchasing land as a couple in Kenya can seem tough due to several reasons:

  1.  Who’s name will be on the Title Deed?

  2. Who pays the land amount?

  3.  Who gets to receive and store the Title Deed?

  4.  Who is the next of Kin on the Title Deed?

Generally, these and other questions have been a major factor to why most partners opt to buy land individually as compared to with their spouse.

Basically, to avoid conflicts and disputes, this factor has prevailed among most couples over the years but with AMCCO Properties Limited, a solution has been discovered.

Amcco Genesis

Since our launch, we have devotedly served both engaged and married couples with plots for sale in Kamulu, Thigio, Kamangu and Gikambura in Kikuyu where a majority opted to purchase together rather than individually.

To date we credit the success of our land projects to all the couple investors who choose us over the rest. A good successful story is of Mark and Carol who purchased land and today are happy for their wise move; Here’s their full story.

Their story is just one out of many with evidence that two are better than one when it comes to investing in land.

In this blog, we explain further on how owning land as a couple with AMCCO is easier and more advantageous to you and your spouse than you could ever imagine.

You will also learn all legal aspects and processes of land ownership that guarantee you equality when investing land with your spouse.

Site and Office Visits

It is important for each couple to discuss and decide on particular roles during their land ownership journey.

The roles range from visiting the realtor’s office, visiting the land, conducting land searches and picking/dropping the documents from the realtor’s office etc.

When such roles are performed as agreed upon then it is unlikely for spouses to cross paths during their investment journey.amcco payment plans

At times, one partner will be busy or rather not available to perform a task physically regarding their land acquisition process. Therefore it is important for the other partner to help accomplish the pending task beforehand.

Alternatively, most spouses prefer to do these tasks together which is even better and satisfactory to both parties. Either way, as long as all the processes and steps are covered on time, owning their land will be so fast and swift.

Financing the Land Purchase

At the time of purchase, couples ought to have discussed their financing options to consolidate enough funds for the land purchase.

It’s so important for a mutual agreement on who contributes what before the payments are made. Afterwards, the ownership is determined by their specific agreement.

Each partner has the option to contribute equally in different ratios inclusive half half or a quarter and three quarters of the total price based on their financial strength and agreement with his/her spouse.

At times the money contributed by a couple isn’t enough to purchase the land at once; hence at AMCCO Properties Limited, we offer couples a flexible payment plan that includes installment plan to pay a deposit and the balance within the remaining time.

This option has worked for several happy couples who are part of our land owners community including Mark and Carol who purchased Neema Court and Kamangu greens 3 with the installments plan option.

Funding options like loans from banks and saccos are also a good alternative for couples in need of land urgently but their budget is not enough for the purchase.

Title Deed Ownership

After full payments are done, the next task is for the couple to agree on who signs the sale offer and transfer forms which also determine names printed on the final Title Deed.

Both parties can also sign the documents to signify shared ownership whereby the land belongs to both the wife and husband.

This means the land cannot be sold without the other’s authorization and signatures on new transfer documents.

When the transfer forms are signed by the two partners, the Title Deed is processed out in 90 days entailing their details to prove ownership.

In terms of who keeps the land after one spouse is deceased comes up when signing the transfer form, at this point the couple can decide one to be the next of kin or a member of their family ranging from children to their close siblings or parents.

All these details are input in transfer form to ensure all is in order and avoid future conflicts based on the land ownership.

amcco plots with ready title deedsTitle Deeds

When the Title Deed is processed out and issued to the couple, it is their choice on who and where the Title Deed is stored safely.

A popular preferred and most secure storage facility is the bank which is chargeable to the couple. Alternatively, the Title Deed can be stored at home guaranteeing quick access by either of the spouses.

With the information above, it is evident land ownership as a couple is not tough as presumed by most people.

It only requires the best choices and agreements for better results afterwards such that you will own land stress free.

For more information call us today via 0701293199 or email amccoproperties@gmail.com. Alternatively, our offices are open from Monday to Saturday 8 am t0 5pm for similar consultations and free site visits to your land of choice.https://youtu.be/oBpOsatUlss