4 Benefits of Buying Land and Building Your Dream Home

4 Benefits of Buying Land and Building Your Dream Home

4 Benefits of Buying Land and Building Your Dream Home

This is actually relatable to all the people renting in the country and not just in Nairobi alone. The day-to-day challenges that tenants go through each and every single day. Apparently, house hunting in Nairobi can be a challenge. It is a serious and frustrating challenge for all those of us who have tripped before looking for one before. But what If I told you that there’s a solution to it all, and in no time you won’t have to stress about hunting for houses anymore, all you have to do is create a savings plan that you can work with in the long run so that you don’t miss out on these life-changing experiences and offers that pop up once in a life time. Go through our website and get to see some of our projects that are doing well in Kikuyu and Kamangu, with not just ready-made title deeds but also all the social amenities on site that make it easier for clients to fit in easily and start living with ease. Below are some of the things that getting a property from us will save you from:

Being Exploited by Conmen 

During this digital era, when even there’s the high cost of living, everyone is trying all they can to try and make a living, it’s difficult to differentiate between the real and the fake, especially online.


Most conmen use social media as a way to lure in their prey, which could be you with stolen property images.

Trading with us will save you from all these online scammers that have perfected their skills in sucking people’s money dry because, with us, you will be working with a certified, recognized company that has not only been awarded and been in existence for a long time, but a company that values its clients and has a professional team that will walk you through how to become a land owner.

Lack of water problem would have been sorted out

There’s that notion that normally goes around by brokers each time you go asking them if the apartment you want to move into has water.

They confidently say without hesitation that you are covered and this plot never runs dry of water, but we all know what happens ‘Kwa Ground’.

It is very inconvenient for one to be in an apartment that is rented residentially with your family and still not be able to have access to water around the clock like??? does it add up.

At Amcco Properties Limited, this is a piece of cake.

These are some of the things we do to take care of people.

Before We flag off our properties as being ready for sale.

We ensure that there’s water on site as well as electricity.

So make that decision wisely to avoid falling victim to such situations that you can be able to deal with.

False Listing Images

Ever been in a scenario whereby you see something online and, when you decide you want to go for it, you realize that it is something totally different and it is not what you initially thought it was before because the images were there to incite people, and maybe you had already paid a sum of money?

At Amcco Properties Limited, we have project pictures that are exactly as they are on the ground for confirmation.

We have daily site visits that you can book with us so that you don’t feel left out.

We believe clients are always happy when they find out what they saw in pictures is what is on the ground.

It gives you room to grow

Having a property with us no matter how much you would have spent means that would be a lifetime investment, unlike the other way around, which means that will prevent you from growing because you will be paying monthly rent and having very little to spare to invest elsewhere.

You are actually not stressed with monthly rent as to what you are supposed to be paying every month.

Your worries reduce when you buy land because your priorities are now different.