Impact on Local Development and Growth in Kenya

Community Spotlight: AMCCO Properties

Community Spotlight: AMCCO Properties' Impact on Local Development and Growth in Kenya

Kenya's leading land-selling and real estate company, AMCCO Properties Limited, continues to stand out as the most transformative local company thanks to its tangible impact on Kenya's socio-economic development.

Through strategic investments and visionary initiatives, AMCCO has played a crucial leading role in reviving and driving local development to great heights.

The company has been instrumental in fostering growth and spurring economic development across the country in the following ways.

Improved road network

The contribution of AMCCO Properties has led to the construction of roads connecting rural areas with towns and markets — which promotes social and economic development by improving accessibility to various places and services like markets and health facilities. 

Through investment in infrastructure development, AMCCO has managed to enhance transport and trigger economic activities in regions that have been marginalised.

Improved Social Amenities

AMCCO's investments have attracted other establishments such as education institutions and healthcare centres. The construction of these facilities has ensured that the people living within those communities can easily access education and health services, thus enhancing sustainable development through the provision of basic needs.

Emerging and Expanding Markets

AMCCO has opened up remote areas to business opportunities, and thus bringing development closer to people and fostering private business growth. 

Through the provision of up-to-date infrastructure plus essential amenities, the AMCCO projects have brought traders and consumers together. 

This is how marketplaces have sprung up, leading to the rejuvenation of local economies and broadening markets.

Job creation

At the heart of AMCCO's mission is to create job opportunities that foster economic empowerment for people residing within the locality. 

The company, through its numerous projects, has created jobs in various fields, such as construction, hospitality and retail.

This has not only reduced unemployment but has also empowered individuals and communities to achieve economic self-sufficiency.



Gikambura: A Lighthouse of Progress

AMCCO's impact is vividly exemplified in Gikambura. Development has been accelerated in the region through the erection of commercial and residential properties; this, in turn, has led to the building of schools and hospitals that have mushroomed, as well as improved housing standards. An all-encompassing strategy towards development, this has metamorphosed Gikambura into a buoyant society— appealing to both investors and settlers. 

The construction of the expansive Southern By-pass and the re-tarmacking of Dagoretti Road have opened up Gikambura for investment

The effect of AMCCO's investment does not end at individual communities but has a wide spillover effect on the Kenyan economy. In creating jobs and bringing in investments, AMCCO helps to trigger economic activities, which in turn have seen the country register significant growth in GDP and, more importantly, create a favourable environment for sustainable development.

The Power of Progress: Ndeiya and Its Vicinity

Ndeiya and the neighbouring areas are also witnessing transformation due to AMCCO's investment. The development projects by AMCCO have led to the establishment of roads, schools, hospitals and state-of-the-art residential areas. 

Through collaboration with local leadership and other stakeholders, AMCCO has been able to tap into the region's untapped potential — thus paving the way for the realisation of prospects that breed growth and wealth within.

The rise of Kamangu

AMCCO is one of the most dominant real estate firms that have invested heavily in Kamangu and contributed immensely to the town’s growth.

From a remote, sleepy village, Kamangu is witnessing rapid economic growth and development.

The area is now surrounded by an impressive road network, making accessibility easier and smoother regardless of where one is coming from.

Southern Bypass, Eastern Bypass, Thika Road, Waiyaki Way, Ngong Road, Lang'ata Road, Dagoretti Road and Ondiri Road can all lead you to Kamangu. 

These are just but a few examples that make AMCCO Properties Limited stand out as a catalyst for positive change, driving local development, fostering growth, and transforming communities across Kenya. 

Through its holistic approach to investment and commitment to sustainability, AMCCO continues to shape the future of the nation, leaving a lasting legacy of progress and prosperity.

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