Kamangu has dominantly ruled over Kikuyu as the best prime area for land purchase as illustrated here; but not until recently when it’s major rival came into play.

Thigio area has always existed within Ndeiya but been less heard of unlike Kamangu which is popularly known for its fast growing township and neighborhood.

It’s unfortunate that not so much attention was given to this promising area until recently when construction of the new tarmac roads was initiated by the Government .

When AMCCO Properties Limited began it’s journey with new land owners in Kenya, available plots for sale were majorly located in Kamangu. As time has rushed by, Kamangu is decreasing it’s shares thus giving way for its immediate Neighbor; Thigio.

Although “Thigio” is unpopular, it has well delivered the top best land deals that were most preferred by our land clients.

Thigio plots for sale includes Genesis phase 1-4 and currently Genesis 5 Annex are the most performing projects in our catalogue selling out plots in less than 2 months per project. 

They majestically stand out as competitive due to their close proximity to the access tarmac road from Dagoretti road ranking as high value projects in terms of accessibility.

The aspect of more tarmacked roads being evenly distributed in this small locality has made it prime and of interest to land buyers who never choose Kamangu area. 

Aside from presence of evenly distributed new tarmac roads, Thigio has the most beautiful landscapes with a plain view; yet all these lands remain under utilized.

You might ask: What else is so good about Thigio that investors prefer it over Kamangu?

thigio1.Smooth Accessibility Via Tarmacked Access Roads

Off Dagoretti Road to Genesis Phase 5 Annex takes about 10-15 minutes via self drive or boda boda which charges Ksh 100 from the stage.

The main route is Dagoretti Road connecting to Ha Koinange – Gitutha Rd which is the new popular tarmac road that was initiated in late 2022 and has currently fully covered past Genesis phase 1 and 3 consecutively now heading to Genesis phase 4 and Genesis 5 Annex.

Along this road there are numerous homesteads, some locals and a majority new buyers living while commuting to Nairobi and other areas for work. 

This tarmac was long awaited as many claimed it was a rumour and gave up on the possibility of it’s existence. The road was rough and dry full of dust on sunny days and mud on rainy days, causing havoc to all commuters using it.

The access tarmac road brought new links to Dagoretti Road, Ondiri Road and the Southern Bypass super fast unlike before due to bad road conditions. 

Most land selling areas within Nairobi aren’t even close to having a tarmac road as good and new as this one. The most impressive fact is that prices in this area are affordable despite the tarmac which would have turned out as a inflation bait.

Example; Genesis Phase 4 borders the tarmac road yet selling at 1.2 million Kenyan shillings per plot compared to market prices of 1.7-2.5 million Kenyan shillings for similar plots.

2.Increased Investment Opportunities and High Value Addition Rate

Several factories , farm yards and greenhouses have been set up along Ha Koinange – Gitutha Road and it’s environs due to the affordable cost of owning premises, land and also transportation using the tarmac to external areas. 

A good example is a Chicken Farm House that is setup next to Genesis Phase 4 by an investor rearing chicken to be sold in restaurants and hotels.

 The area has a favorable climate that supports farming maize, beans and green house crops like tomatoes and onions sold for grocery purposes.

Farming has been an evident activity practiced by residents within Ndeiya inclusive Thigio. Some rear animals like cows and goats for milk while others plant crops for subsistence consumption. 

Good news is that Ndeiya is gazetted as the 13th and newest sub county of Kiambu County with its head quarters proposed for Thigio town. This assures setup of Government offices to hold in the new officials and also diplomats visiting the sub county.

A big opportunity to investors rises from the possibility of building rental apartments or Airbnbs to serve these high end potential clients. 

The development of Thigio town also welcomes business setups like general shops, markets and service outlets which is a big advantage for Thigio residents to venture into business there.

Fact that land in Kamangu increases value by 60% yearly is also an advantage to Thigio which has a higher rate due to the access tarmac roads.

The best possible business idea is to buy land for speculation; wait of it to increase value over some time and resell it to gain profits. That is an alternative for investors who are not interested in building a residential home in Thigio.

3.Reliable Quality Amenities to Support Comfortable Livelihood

Having amenites to facilitate for education, health among other life necessities nearby your residential or business premises is a big win for every land investor. 

To your advantage, Kamangu is just 5 minutes away from Thigio via Dagoretti Road hence most amenites in this larger area of Kikuyu and Ndeiya areas commonly utilized by both localities.

For emphasis matters;


1.Green Gardens Schools

2.Damacrest Schools

3.St Emmanuel Primary School

4.Thigio Primary School

Hospitals and Health Centers

1.OakWood Hospital

2.Lusigetti Sub County Hospital

3.Orthodox Health Centre

Entertainment Joints, Restaurants and Hotels

1.Ndeiya House

2.Kamangu Gardens

3.Honey Well Resort

4.Rio Breeze Gardens

These are just few of the many local amenites available proximal to Thigio and Kamangu ares to serve the locals with whatever service they want. 

Aside from those top categories, there are several gyms, libraries, car wash yards etc. located in Kamangu town to serve the residents.

Water in Thigio is fresh and clean supplied from Limuru Water and Sewerage Company at a cost after piping and installation.

 Electricity lines have been circulated generally in this area with poles approximately near every 20-50 metres to serve the homesteads.

 All our land projects in Thigio have been covered by a pole to serve the future homes and units to be set up there hence zero worry on power issues.

thigio4.Huge Land Demand and Purchase Interest

Thigio shines as a potential residential as well as commercial area to setup both a home and business entity nearby and grow insanely due to affordable land prices plus fast transportation using the access tarmac roads.

This fact alone has led to numerous Kenyan and International investors scooping the best prime areas within this locality. 

It is evident with some upper class house buildings along Dagoretti Road near Ha Koinange stage and even famous classic resorts like Ndeiya House.

Though the land here is affordable doesn’t guarantee you a piece soon because just like Kamangu, Thigio is also selling out fast.

The demand is high and numerous purchases are made each single day from various site visits by interested investors.

 It is a call to action to everyone looking for land that offers double value; suitable for residential and commercial purpose to make a move instantly.

To avoid being left out, book a free site visit to Thigio areas to any of our existing high value projects today and get one while stock lasts. Call us today via 0701 293 199 or email amccoproperties@gmail.com for an enquiry at your convenience.