How To Buy Land in Kenya as a Foreigner

How To Buy Land in Kenya as a Foreigner

How To Buy Land in Kenya as a Foreigner

Land is a basic factor of production that is required for any activity to take place, be it farming or even business that might help you generate income. Foreigners can buy land in Kenya, as long as they follow the right steps. READ: What Foreigners Need To Know About Owning land in Kenya

Below are steps that foreigners need to work with to become land owners:

1. Identify the land:

The first thing that anyone who wants to own land should identify is ensuring that they discover the type of land that they want to invest in and that they confirm its title ownership at the same time, as this helps to know that they are dealing with something that’s real and not a scam. You can also confirm its ownership through a land registry for an affordable fee.

2. Get yourself a lawyer

Consider getting an advocate that will walk you through the process of becoming a real estate owner.

It is this very same lawyer who will help you to seal the negotiation plans so that you can close on a land deal.

Because of their expertise and professionalism in that field, it is with their help that you won’t be scammed.


3. Sign the sale agreement and see that you have paid the deposit

Ensure that each time you have signed the sales agreement form for the purposes of efficiency and clarity, and ensure that the deposit has been paid so that you insure your land from being taken by other people.

4. Obtain a land rent clearance certificate and survey maps of the land

A land rent clearance form is basically a document issued by landlords to their tenants at the end of the year showing the total amount of rent paid by the tenant; this in turn also helps the tenant claim a tax credit on their tax return.
The survey maps, on the other hand, help in creating awareness among the landowner or those interested in buying the land, for they clearly show the land dimensions just as you expect to find them when you are on the ground.

5. Ensure the seller has consent from the relevant authorities and the land control board

Always see that you are working with a credible, certified, and trusted company like Amcco Properties so that you avoid falling victim to land scammers and grabbers by taking advantage of your lack of awareness.

Ensure that the company you want to trade with has a green light not just from the relevant authorities but also from the Ministry of Lands so that it certifies that they are legit.
See also that the land control board has approved the company and that it can be trusted.

6. Transfer the land title deed and clear the remaining balance

See that your already purchased land has been issued with an individual land title deed and the remaining balance is cleared so that the process is transparent.