How the Southern Bypass has Impacted Growth of Real Estate in Kikuyu

Southern Bypass Impact on the Growth ofof Kikuyu

How the Southern Bypass has Impacted Growth of Real Estate in Kikuyu

Since the introduction of the Southern bypass, not only has real estate grown and expanded, but also Kikuyu as an area in general. Initially, Thigio was really not what it has become now that the Southern Bypass was constructed. 

There has been a great change in things, especially in terms of development. The population was very scarce due to its inaccessibility and lack of development.

But with the completion of the Southern Bypass Highway, the area has now tremendously grown over the last few years, with more people building homes and setting up businesses in the area, especially those working in the Nairobi CBD.
Below is how the Southern Bypass Highway has positively impacted:

It has eased traffic

With the newly constructed Southern Bypass Highway, congestion has been eased on the road, and now, unlike before, people can be able to travel to different parts of the county by connecting with the Southern Bypass Highway. Most of those benefiting from the newly constructed highway are those residing in Kikuyu because they are now able to beat time and arrive at work, especially those working in the CBD in Nairobi.
With this highway, anyone working in Nairobi residing in Kikuyu is able to report to work in less than 30 minutes.

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Brought up business opportunities

The Southern Bypass has also helped the Thigio residents get job opportunities because of the newly constructed business places in the area, including whole sales, restaurants, and filling stations, among many other things that have been set up following the newly constructed highway.

Recreational centers that increase day by day, companies that offer public transport, industries, schools, and hospitals, among others, have improved the livelihoods of both people living in Thigio and outside the area.

The area is growing at a fast rate, and soon enough, the plots that were going for as low as 750,000 ksh will now be going for millions of ksh because of the way the area is appreciating value.