7 Reasons to Invest in Kikuyu While in the Diaspora

7 Reasons to Invest in Kikuyu While in the Diaspora

7 Reasons to Invest in Kikuyu While in the Diaspora

There are a number of reasons why one should consider investing in Kikuyu, even from the diaspora.

Kikuyu is a fast-growing part of the Nairobi Metropolitan Area. That is being considered by almost every investor who wants to invest in the country because of the locality and what it offers at large.
It is located in Kiambu County, Kenya, 20 km northwest of Central Nairobi, which is roughly 25 minutes drive from the Nairobi CBD.
Below are some of the reasons why you should consider investing in Thigio Kikuyu, specifically if you are eyeing an area where you can consider starting a residential or commercial project.

1. Close proximity to Nairobi Central Business District

Using the Southern Bypass or the Gitaru Nairobi Expressway in around 25 minutes, you should be able to get into the Nairobi CBD, which will favor all those working in the town with ease.

2. Affordable land prices

Plots in Kikuyu are price-friendly compared to other areas of Nairobi, making it an ideal opportunity for one to get into the real estate world and make investments.
For instance, we have plots in Thigio Kikuyu with dimensions of 50 by 100 going at affordable prices from as low as 800,000 Ksh with ready-made individual title deeds that are free from any encurmancies.

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3. Availability of Better Learning Facilities

You will definitely get to access some of the best of amazing schools and even universities, with the likes of the national schools being around the area, like Alliance Girls High School and Boys with other East African universities.
Kikuyu is also home to PCEA Kikuyu Hospital, one of the best hospitals in East and Central Africa.

4. Real Estate Opportunities

Kikuyu is growing at a fast pace, hence its high demand in terms of residential and commercial properties, especially now that many are relocating from the city because of the high cost of living, making people choose the other side, which assures you that you will make a good passive income should you decide to venture into business, especially in residential properties.

5. There’s a Gateway to Recreational Activities

If you are one of those who love nature and tourism, then you will love that Kikuyu is surrounded by natural beauty with some amazing recreational places suitable for families and kids.
There are a couple of parks and even pools that are spacious and accommodating. You can also easily access the Great Rift Valley viewpoint, the Nairobi National Museum, and Karura Forest, just a few minutes drive away.

6. There’s also a good road network

Kikuyu has a newly tarmacked highway that will help you reach Kikuyu in less than 30 minutes.
People always want a place where they can go to and from work and be able to reach there with ease and without being stuck in traffic. The Kikuyu Highway, especially from Waiyaki Way, is a sure bet that you will be able to arrive in Nairobi with ease and return without being late for home, as the road is clear with lit streets that guarantee your safety even at night.

7. Scenic Views and Natural Attractions

Nature has generously endowed Kikuyu with a rich array of scenic beauties and natural attractions that are a visual treat to the eyes.

Putting your money in such an area not only guarantees you growth but also gives you a lifetime experience on a daily basis, something many get to experience only when they are watching it on their screens.
The region is graced with lush greenery and breath-taking landscapes that offer a serene environment.
Basically, all that needs to be said is that you seize the opportunity to become a real estate investor.

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