AMCCO at 3 Celebration

AMCCO at 3 Celebration

AMCCO at 3 Celebration

How Amcco at 3 Celebration Went Down

Yesterday, on September 10, 2023, Amcco Properties held a party celebrating the most they have achieved since its inception, which was the year 2020.

The event, which took place at the Hotel Troy in Karen, Nairobi County, kicked off at 11:00 a.m., with the whole team and their staff showing up for the event.

Amcco was celebrating three years of hard work that they have put in as well as awarding the best salesperson of the month.

The event was MCed by their own renowned staff member, Eliud Kahihu, who hyped the event with his tremendous skills in leadership as well as seeing that the flow of programs was going according to plan.

The team settled in at noon with a word of prayer from their own salesperson, Liz Mwikali, after which they proceeded to take meals that were finger-lickingly sweet, and different kinds of dishes were open for people to choose their favorites.

After the meals, the team proceeded to the next activity, which was fun and included all the staff. The only difference was that there were to be two groups with one leader, Eluid, who was also the manager of the event, taking charge of his team, which he called ‘Team Braverly, whereas the other team was led by Anthony, who named it ‘Team Bulldozers’.

The two teams engaged in fun activities and group games that were thrilling, fun, and educational. Finally, team Braverly won the game slightly to the Bulldozers by a margin of 20 points.

The next activity of the day, as per the program, was speeches that were presented by each individual that was present, all emphasizing four things: teamwork, cooperation, hard work, and consistency.
The event was closed by a word from the managing director, James Kimani, who congratulated his team, urged them to abide by the core values that they shared, and assured them that in a few years to come, Amcco Properties won’t just be a real estate company specializing in selling land only in Kikuyu, but there will be other branches countrywide as well.

He also shared an insight with the team, telling them that if they keep the consistency that is in them and work together as a team as they are doing, they won’t only be selling land but will also upgrade to selling already built apartments as well. Promising that growth will indeed be part of everybody’s life at Amcco because they are putting in the work. He concluded by thanking every member for playing their role and contributing to the company and said that it is in his wish that in the near future he hopes to connect and see everybody present at the company as it even grows to great heights.

The last program of the event was the cake cutting, which was done by the managing director, James, his wife, Rose, and other sales managers who have been in the company for more than 2 years.

The team then closed off the ceremony with a toast with drinks and enjoyed the last bit of it, taking the Nyama choma that was waiting for them and enjoying the night to themselves. The event ended exactly at 8:30 p.m.

The essence of Amcco Properties holding such a celebration is not only to enjoy but also to challenge our close rivals and partners. On the same note, the celebration is also a way to motivate and encourage the team that their hard work is being recognized and can be rewarded, hence encouraging the rest to follow suit and do the same.

According to the managing director, this is just the start of good things to come, as this is just a step towards the great heights and lengths that we are yet to cover.

Amcco Properties is a trusted, certified, and approved company by the Ministry of Lands in Kenya, and you can depend on us to get value for your money and make your real estate dreams come true.