5 Reasons Why Invest Around Tilisi Developers

5 Reasons Why Invest Around Tilisi Developers

5 Reasons Why Invest Around Tilisi Developers

There are a number of reasons why you should reside in this area. I might not mention them all because there are many, but I can touch on some of the basic ones that are ideal and essential.

We have a ready project called “Beverly Estate” that has minimal spots left.

The project that we launched sometime this year, whose land dimensions are 50 by 100, has a cash price offer of Kes 2,000,000.
There are quite a number of reasons that make the area, or rather, the land, worth everything that you may need.
Below are some of the reasons why owning land opposite Tilisi View is a big deal:

  • Easier Accessibility

The project can be accessed easily without getting stuck anywhere else as the area has been tarmacked, making the interested client travel fast and quick without spending more time on the road.
There are also well-lit streetlights that can guarantee accessibility even in the dark.

  • Fast-growing infrastructure

The area has improved a great deal; there are the Tilisi Developers just opposite you, a place that many people want to be.

Owning land here will give you the opportunity to maybe someday grow your own, as well as get you to benefit from the potential clients that reside at Tilisi, whom you can consider selling stuff to should you want to venture into agribusiness or any other form that can bring you income.

Let alone that building apartments in that area won’t come at a cheap price; you can surely take advantage of that.

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  • Guaranteed social amenities on site

There’s readily available electricity and water on site that runs 24 hours a day without seizure.

This guarantees all clients looking for a place to invest that all they need to worry about is how to pay tokens and use water; the rest is just offered.
And with these amenities, you could easily jump into your agribusiness project if you are interested in it, as this is one of the business ideas that’s doing well.

With the high cost of living that has gone up, making people go back to their gardens, having one will be a big deal as the prices won’t get you.

  • Land is in high demand

Owning a plot opposite Tillisi is just like owning one opposite a national park or JKIA, a top place that’s always graced by the presence of potential investors that many want to take advantage of. As highlighted earlier, we opened this project sometime earlier this year, and there have been numerous calls from people.

The best you can do is book land with us or come for a free site visit before stocks last!

  • An Ample, Serene Environment

The project is along Waiyaki Way, which tells you that it is a little bit away from the Nairobi CBD, which can be loud at times.

Here, you can come home after a long day at work and settle in with ease as you reflect on how you will go about the next day.


Who doesn’t love an area that’s ample with a good environment filled with fresh air? It’s an ideal place to invest.

Aside from that, the project has security that is guaranteed, as there’s a police station nearby and a market place where you can go and do your shopping, as well as a number of malls where you can drive in and do your home shopping.
What’s even better is that there are ready title deeds that are issued upon purchase of land, something that not many companies are able to deliver that fast. You can do your research.
For any information you may need or if you want to book a plot with us, consider reaching out at this number: +254 701 293 199.