As the year of investment 2023 dawns, our hearts are filled with gratitude towards you our; happy clients, potential investors, dedicated partners for making 2022 a success.

The two years journey since our launch in 2020 gets better day by day because of the trust you have invested in us.
For this, we are making 2023 historical and better through growing our relationship daily to enlarge our community of real land owners in Kenya. This is a journey we invite you to dwell with us for a fruitful ending.

AMCCO’s success story as a young but strong trustworthy real estate company is majorly contributed to reliable deliverability. We don’t just assure but also deliver within due time. It’s evident through several testimonials from happy land owners sharing their long lasting contentment. Check out testimonials here.

What is most unique about us might be the question running and disturbing the internet and that’s why we set this specific blog to answer the unanswered.
Below are 5 promises to you assuring continued deliverability not only 2023 but years to come. Definitely you don’t want to miss out on this so let’s jump in right away:

1: Offering Best Affordable Land Deals Within Nairobi Metropolis Area.

Emphasis on serving land buyers with the best has been top on our checklist. Kikuyu unlike other known land selling areas is better and more developed with opportunities for everyone.
The area is only 35 minutes away from Nairobi CBD connecting to wide array of road networks inclusive Waiyaki way, Southern Bypass and Ngong Road. Kikuyu is centralized between Karen and Ruaka areas giving you a taste of the urban Nairobi with performing schools, better markets, reliable hospitals and entertainment joints.
Most important factor is the affordable pricing that beats the high cost of land acquisition within Nairobi Metropolis area.

Over the 2 years now we have sold hundreds of property capping at less than a million per unit. Our consideration is to make everyone a land owner from as a low as 550K and onwards.
So far we have served many who spotted our deals and took advantage of the limited opportunity. We promise to make land super affordable within Nairobi Metropolis area.

investment2: Great Customer Service

Every single moment interacting with you matters. Our team of friendly and heartwarming relationship managers and sales executives dedicate to hold your hand all the way from when you contact or visit our offices for the first time to when we issue you a tangible title deed.

The basic interaction starts with office discussions and a cup of coffee at our classy and comfortable board room. The time you spend with us derives suggestions for the best property you are to visit.

We have invested keenly to take you from and back the site visit in AMCCO’s executive van; all costs on us. Most first time guests commended us for a hyper site visit as our team is always alert to inform and induct the guest about the areas and what to expect.

2023 gets better as we focus on expanding our space for you considering the growth with more and more interested land owners making their way to our offices daily.

3: 100% Business Transparency

Ever since our first day in the market and many days later; never have we been accused of land fraud or illegitimate affairs. A business’s growth is as important as its transparency towards the clients served. At AMCCO we don’t talk under the tables rather we prefer reality with proven evidence. During the first engagement we ensure to show all the Title Deeds registered under our name at the Kiambu Land Registry.

The client has the open chance to check and clarify with their respective lawyers about our existence plus property owned and after confirmation, business kicks in. At every stage of a land owners’ interaction with us there will be paperwork for tangible proof.

During site visits we have maps and land mutations from a professional surveyor to guide the buyer on specific property and numbers involved. Payments made have on time receipts while sales agreement are signed by both parties witnessed by a lawyer. Transfer documents are also signed which successfully lead to Title Deed issuance from the land registry and after all processes are successful, they are handed over to the legal owner for land succession. This is one area we have always delivered to the best of our interest and it can only get better as we grow with you.

4: Huge Investment Freedom

Our plots for sale are well known for value that exceeds affordability. Owning 50 x 100 plots just 35 minutes from Nairobi CBD is a big win, right?


We have projects ranging from Residential, Commercial to Speculative, giving you the freedom of choice to invest as per your budget and investment needs.

The investment deals are so sweet that you only pay per your pockets choosing in between two easy and swift payment plans; Cash Deal and 3 Months Instalment options.

Take an example as illustrated below:

Major note is all plots are accessible covered by tarmacked roads that guarantee you smooth maneuverability to and from your land.

5: On Time Delivery

On time guarantee is an aspect we assure when working with you towards your land ownership journey. We never delay or if so there is a good reason communicated upfront. With rising cases of Title Deed frauds and delays nowadays, we saw an opportunity to build trust and beat the rest. Our goal is to exist and serve you longer but with a purpose and a reputable name. That only comes when we speak 90 days Title Deed delivery and it’s done in due time.

The systems and structures laid in place after your full payment allow us to work handy with the Kiambu County Registry to process out a Land owners documents soonest possible. At AMCCO Properties Limited we do the heavy lifting jobs on your behalf hence zero stress for you. After the Title Deed is ready and printed out, the client is welcome to pick it at our office or request for parceling all costs covered by us. From the time you set our eyes on us to the very moment you engage one on one, you will love it for sure.

2023 only gets better with more opportunities to give you prime plots at affordable prices. Let us know how our promises will be of impact to you this year. Call 0701 293 199 or email us at and we will gladly engage back.