The headache that comes with poor roads due to portholes or muddy situations when it rains has always been a concern to many plots for sale buyers.
Only tarmac roads can curb this issue but unfortunately, the chances of buying affordable plots for sale in developed areas with tarmac roads is limited unless you squeeze a huge budget for the same.
This has decapitated land buyers with a limited budget enforcing them to buy in the interior areas hence facing the bad roads or either suspending their land buying plans.
At AMCCO Properties Limited, we purpose to settle our clients in areas that they will access their properties smoothly. We have therefore established all our plots for sale near the tarmac access roads.
Accessibility to your plot has never been this smooth with our current plots for sale  Genesis Gardens Phase 3 being just 100m from the tarmac (Ha – Koinage – Gitutha Road)
The special advantage of investing in these plots for sale is the affordable budget of Ksh 999,000 against competitor prices ranging from 1.5 million and above.

In this blog, we share development information related to the NEW TARMAC ROAD that leads to your next prime plot. Additionally, you will be in the know about connectivity to our Genesis Gardens Phase 3 plots for sale via major highways and the new access road.

It all started as rumors…

In March 2022, we sold Genesis Gardens Phase 2 (500m from Genesis Gardens Phase 3) at Ksh 799,000. At the time, accessibility to the plots for sale was via the murram Ha-Koinange-Gitutha Road hence the lower project pricing. The plots for sale rapidly sold out due to rumors that the road had already been commissioned and a budget allocated for tarmacking.
4 months later, our clients were amused by how fast luck befell them as the contractors sited their base nearby and started smoothening the road. Currently, the team involved has managed to cover a significant section; 2 kilometers from Ha Koinage stage, and are focused pushing on the tarmacking to completion soon by the end of 2022.
This progress has intensely speculated the lands in the area up Ksh 200,000 in just 4 months as this tarmac rumor became a reality from September 2022.

plots for sale accessibility

Ha-Koinange-Gitutha Road

The road is commissioned by The Ministry of Transport, Infrastructure, Housing, Urban Development and Public Works through the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) and the Kiambu Department of Roads, Transport, Public Works and Utilities.
The proof was the establishment of a commissioning signage at the Ha Koinage stage which drove hope and interest to new and existing land buyers. This tarmac road links from Ha-Koinange stage and extends past Kiawanda Primary. The 15 feet wide road passes by 100m from Genesis phase 3 and the predecessor Genesis phase 1 and 2.

The road is highly beneficial due to:

  • Connectivity to the main road and local urban towns – From our plots for sale via the tarmac road to Dagoretti Road is less than 2.5Km guaranteeing you only 5 minutes. You will have extra advantage to shop and use amenities in Kamangu, Thigio or Kikuyu towns.

  • Durable – The new tarmac has been well laid with gravel layers to sustain all vehicle types and is estimated to last for decades serving you throughout.

  • Safety – Whether you are walking, cycling, riding or driving, the road is safe both day and night. This is attributed by the welcoming locals who have enhanced a crime free culture for the whole community.

How will you get direct access to this road?

plots for sale accessibility1.Via the Southern Bypass from Nairobi CBD, Eastern Bypass and Thika Road Environs

To access the project, there are various renown routes based on your current location.

  1. From the Nairobi CBD, Karen, Ngong Road and nearby Environs – You will use Waiyaki Way which links from Uhuru Highway through Westland, Kangemi and beyond. Past Regen, there is an exit that joins the Southern Bypass whereby you have the option to use Ondiri Road or Dagoretti rd. as illustrated further below. Alternatively, Ngong Road and Langata road are reliable routes linking to the southern bypass for clients residing within the locations.

  2. From the Kiambu and Thika Road Environs  – Whether from Kiambu Town, Ruiru, Thika, Juja, Githurai, Kahawa West or all nearby locations, the easiest route is via Eastern bypass which extends to the southern bypass and onto the access roads mentioned below.

2.Via Dagoretti Road from Thogoto, Gikambura, Limuru.

This road exits from the Southern Bypass at Madukani, Thogoto and will lead directly to Ha Koinange stage approximately 15 minutes away.

  • From Thogoto Madukani Exit
    Along the southern bypass 700m before or past Kikuyu Town based on the lane you are using, there is an exit that links to Dagoretti Road which runs from Kihunguro to Mutarakwa. The road cuts across major urban towns inclusive Musa Gitau, Gikambura (Our Office Location) and Kamangu Town.

plots for sale accessibility

3.Via Ondiri Road from Kikuyu Town

  • From Kikuyu Town – Kamangu Town – Ha Koinange Stage
    Alternatively, you can link express 10 minutes from Kikuyu to Kamangu Town via Ondiri Road then connect to Dagoretti Road. This route is the quickest due to its short distance and saves you time due to scarce traffic.

The routes illustrated are functional and guarantee you complete accessibility to your plot after investing in Genesis Gardens Phase 3.
With the high demand of plots for sale near the tarmac, the project is due for completion very soon and prices will escalate largely. We urge you to take action while this opportunity lasts. Book a Free Site Visit today by calling 0701 293 199 and enjoy the comfort ride to your next investment!