3 Reasons Why Gikambura is becoming a Commercial Hub

3 Reasons Why Gikambura is becoming a Commercial Hub

It is fascinating how a mere village grew to a popular town within the blink of an eye ranking as a commercial hub in the Nairobi Metropolis area.

Gikambura is a town 10 minutes from Kikuyu Town and strategically located along Dagoretti road that leads from the Southern bypass.

Unlike most common stories of Kenyan towns being developed under the influence of the colonists, this one is way different and special.

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This is because Gikambura town has been developed by the people for the people.

Within a span of several years the town grew from dust with low standard amenities, poor roads and zero business setups to one of the top developed sub towns after Kikuyu.

Currently, Gikambura area is highly prime due to its fast paced urbanization and significant growth and this is why; –


1.Located along The Great Dagoretti Road

Back then, Dagoretti road which links from the Southern bypass to Limuru straight up used to be a bad road full of portholes and dust.

Commuters plying the route were inconvenienced and had a rough time commuting to and from back the area. The only ones who could take it were the locals as Gikambura was their only home.

This was however a short-lived nightmare as the Kenya Rural Roads Authority came into play tarmacking the road back to life.

That alone was the beginning of this grass to grace narrative.

The smooth tarmac road attracted land investors who massively bought land, which would later be their residential plots.

According to Kiambu County Government, more than 45%  of Gikambura residents are new comers who seized opportunities and set shop in this area.

The road leads to a majority of Kenyan economical towns inclusive Nairobi, Karen, Ngong, Dagoretti and Ruaka using a link of other roads.

Dagoretti road has made Gikambura easily accessible and convenient to live and work in hence attracting people to invest and reside there.

2.Serves as Business Centre

Long are gone the days when Nairobi was the town of all services and goods.

Nowadays you will find anything next to your gate. From foodstuffs to building materials and even essential services like barber shop and salon services.

In Gikambura, you will just find everything at your disposal.

The local shopping centers inclusive Musa Gitau have a variety of businesses like Hardware stores, Hotels, Salons, Petrol stations, Cyber Cafes and a range of schools and clinics.

Without forgetting, groceries are sold in mini stores and supermarkets.

This has boosted the economical growth of the town attracting local government to setup lights and access roads for local usage.

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3.Influence from Karen and Kikuyu

Gikambura is sandwiched in between Karen and Kikuyu, which draws influence of modern lifestyle from those areas.

The houses in Gikambura area i.e. in Neema Court, which was among our fast land selling projects, have been built to resemble luxury and comfort in Karen.

Rental Apartments in Gikambura town are similar to ones in Kikuyu town and even much affordable hence attracting more tenants.

This town serves as the second in high quality service and goods market after Kikuyu town delivering convenience to local residents.

Gikambura land for saleWhat else is better if not convenience to search and find what you need where you are?

These are just but the best reasons why Gikambura grew to a commercial hub faster than any sub town in Kikuyu.

There is more beauty to the eyes than words told; therefore we invite you to tour this commercial hub soonest.

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