Why You Should Get Land and Build Before You Retire

Why You Should Get Land and Build Before You Retire

Why You Should Get Land and Build Before You Retire

Buying land and building a home before retirement can be a smart financial decision. The earlier you buy land, the more time you have to develop it into the place you want it to be when you retire. This will need careful planning and strategizing because you cannot afford to make a mistake or wrong move that might cost you in the long run. Buying land and building a home before retirement can help you build equity over time. You can use the equity to finance your retirement or pass it on to your heirs. Although the area where people are settling is also rural because of its proximity to the city, you can still have access from home to town. Most Kenyans work in towns. You can have the same serenity as your rural home in a closer location, such as Kikuyu or Kamangu, and in these areas, we have you covered, as we have 50 by 100 plots going from as low as 800,000 Ksh. amcco Precious V

All our projects come with ready-made title deeds, and we have all social amenities on site, which are electricity and water. Should you decide to trade with us, you can book a free site visit with us or visit our offices in Gikambura, Kikuyu.

Below are the reasons why it is advisable to get land and build on it before you retire:

To Avoid Inconveniences

Let’s say that by then, when you are working, which is the present, you may happen to be young and not that old, and if at all, you have responsibilities for the family that you are taking care of.

Then If there’s something you should do, it’s to insure them.

There are many ways you can do that, and one of them’s keys is seeing that you have built a roof that has them covered and their safety and life are guaranteed, like you want to be in that scenario, like what if something were to happen?
You don’t want to rely on rental homes, and when you will not be working, how will you meet their ends and still manage to pay rent?

It would be a lot easier if you had built a house; that is actually what makes sense, which is why it is advisable to get land and invest in it to avoid small inconveniences.

It gives you the freedom to enjoy your retirement benefits in peace

When you know that you have taken care of the elephant in the room, you can be certain that you can get to rest and at least enjoy the small benefits that will come your way without having to split it all on trying to invest in and educate your children.

It is actually a great investment plan

You can rent it out after you build it if you decide you’re not ready to live in a rural region just yet.

This guarantees you a steady stream of income until you decide it’s time to move into your own house.

Still, a remote house serves as your getaway residence.

You could be asking yourself what the point is of building a house you only go to once a year.

It won’t be all for you, though; you may rent it out to families in need of a getaway from the bustle of the city.

You can avoid the hectic life of cities by building a rural home.

Given that the land permits it, you can even begin a farm or garden.

Your neighbors won’t be the ones to complain all the time. Which is the best place to invest? rather than in rural areas where everything is.

For more information or help on how to start your investment journey, chat with us, Amcco Properties Limited via 0701293199.

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