Why Buying land and Building is the Best Option in 2024

Why Buying land and Building is the Best Option in 2024

Why Buying land and Building is the Best Option

If you’re a first-time land buyer, the process of buying the right plot can be quite a daunting task.
At Amcco Properties Limited, we believe the millionaires are those investing in land because, unlike vehicles, land never goes out of style and appreciates in value over time.
Below is a short preview with tips and a guide on how you can buy land:

  • Be clear about why you are buying the land

Maybe you think investing in land is a better idea than buying stocks, shares, or other assets.

Maybe you wish to become a smallholder or you want a place to build your own house.

A long-term plan is definitely necessary for the plot, as it will dictate what and where you should purchase it.

  • Familiarize yourself with the different types of land on the market

Brownfield property, which has already been built upon, has a different character than greenfield land, which has never been developed.

They are separate marketplaces with differing planning regulations in certain areas.

  • Spend time researching the market

Depending on location and quality, land values are currently obtained in a wide range, from 5,000 to 15,000 per acre.

Gaining an understanding of the market and what is fair to pay for your land will be essential.

Here are some of the reasons why it is important to buy land and build on it

1. It's highly affordable
It is less expensive to buy your own land and build a house on it than to purchase an existing home.

This is due to the fact that when you decide to purchase a ready-made home, the owner or owners set the price of the property so they can profit in addition to covering the entire cost of construction. 

You will only have to pay extra as a result.
We have projects in Kikuyu, including one that is alongside the Waiyaki Way called Beverly Estate, with dimensions of 50 by 100. 

AMCCO - TWA AMINIKA.jpeg 192.03 KB

Keep in mind that all our projects come with ready title deeds.
For instance, if you buy one of our many projects in Kamangu, Kikuyu that goes for 750,000 ksh, which is actually way cheaper than buying a newly fully furnished house that can actually cost you millions, the money that you would've saved can be used to buy house materials and cater for labor as well as pay for those who will be helping with setting up your new place.

2. You Get to Buy a Serviced Plot with Amenities
Another advantage of buying and building a house is that once you buy a plot with us, Amcco Properties Limited, you are not only guaranteed security on your newly bought place but also certain that you will never lack water and electricity on site the entire time you are on the plot. 

Which leaves you with ample time to think of how you can start building up now that the basics have been taken care of.
This, compared to buying an already-built house, is an advantage because, on the already-built ones, you can entirely be certain that water will never fail you.

The same thing with electricity, which is sometimes tampered with by reading huge figures that would keep piling up your bills, I'll always suggest and choose you get your own built house because you understand how to go about it.
Another disadvantage of buying an existing home is that you could end up compromising.

You can get a perfect house in the wrong neighborhood, or vice versa.

Or get a house with the perfect kitchen but a really small bathroom.

Depending on what is on your list of preferences, try to be open-minded so that the whole process does not become frustrating to you.

3. You get to choose your own house design

There's actually no better feeling in the world than praising yourself as the one who came up with the house design you have at the moment, rather than having to settle in an already-designed house that you were not part of.
As far as many would say, it is okay; you'd seriously like your own place in the way that you see fit because you are the one residing in that area. 

When you choose to build, one usually goes for the design that suits their budget and, at the same time, incorporates that which they desire most in their houses.
A new home usually requires less maintenance, which translates to saving money on repairs because everything in the house is new.

You also get to use construction materials that are efficient, which reduces the cost of utility bills.
The biggest advantage of building is having a home customized especially for you, with everything made according to your specifications, interests, tastes, and preferences.

If you want modern finishing or a new design you saw in a property magazine, this is where dreams are literally turned into reality.

The best part of it is that the house will have your personal touch.

4. You are actually free from all property cases that might arise.
Owning your own land means that you have conducted due diligence and settled on the fact that you are legally the rightful owner of the property because you have the rightfully required legal documents that show you are the legal owner of the property, and nobody might just end up coming for your neck.

As if that's not enough, having your own property means that you get to supervise the whole construction period, and you will be certain that your home is standing within the stipulated house and building laws in the country.

This is unlike buying an already-built property where you don't actually know why they are selling it; it can just be because they cannot fix an issue or something else. Basically, you cannot really know until you've stayed there for quite a while. The same thing applies if you can tell if they were built with the laws you've actually seen lately. What's going on with other buildings that are collapsing? You don't want to be that person. If there's an option, don't hesitate.

Book a free site visit with us today by reaching out to us, or even better, visit our offices in Gikambura, Kikuyu, and let our real estate agents walk you through the journey of being a real estate owner.

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