Welcome yet to another project that we take pride in announcing. The ‘Beverly Estate’ project is 2 kilometers off Waiyaki Way, and opposite the famous Tillisi Developers, it is actually in close proximity to the Sigona Golf Club.

500 meters from the main tarmac road, this project has a total cash price of 2,000,000 Ksh. Beverely Estate, just as the name suggests, tells you how big the area is. Having Tillisi Gardens as your immediate neighbors is a land, or rather, a place of opportunities, as you will greatly benefit from it.

Amenities on the Beverly Estate:

1. There’s water running on the project 24 hours a day, round the clock.
 2. There’s also power that is installed once you have purchased the property.
 3. Assured Security: There’s a local police station just a few meters from Beverly Estate that assures you that your area will always be under surveillance from the higher authorities.

Neighbourhood Amenities


: Jemindas Hospital
 : Helfen Hospital
 : The Mater Hospital
 : Waiyaki Memorial Hospital


: NNE Market
 : Uthiru Public Market
 : Kangemi Market


: Mountain View Mall
 : ABC Place Nairobi
 : Adam and Eve Shopping Centre


: The Aga Khan High School

: Uthiru Girls High School
 : Unity Kindergarten and School
 : Consolata School
 : The Green Garden Schools


: Nairobi Chapel Waiyaki Way
 : Kabete Friends Church
 : KAG Uthiru Assembly
 : Mavuno Church

Recreational Areas

: 254 Brewing Co.

: Relax and Chill Studio
 : Small Axe Riparian park
 : Annex Bar and Grill
 : 40 Lounge
 : Gallileo Club

In addition to the above,
 Good news for those interested in engaging in agribusiness, Beverly State will be the ideal place for you, as it offers more than that. The fact that it is located close to the main tarmacked road enables commercial ventures to be run with ease.

The expansion of Ngong Road alone and the rehabilitation of Waiyaki Way are definitely reducing traffic and making the commute for residents more efficient. This is expected to have a positive impact on the local economy and quality of life for those living and working in the area, and more importantly, for those owning land in that area.

It also has a serene environment that will help you relax after a long day at work.

Easy and fast accessibility
 The well-tarmacked roads that are all access roads will help you manage time and arrive on time for your meetings. It’s a slight 25-minute drive from Westlands and a 30-minute drive from the Nairobi CBD.

Nairobi County in general has a sophisticated and aspirational society, and their demand for a quality living and working environment within easy commuting distance of the city is growing. An investment with Amcco Properties Limited will save you the trouble of dealing with such small inconveniences. Book a free site visit with us and grab your spot!


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