As AMCCO Properties limited celebrates 2 years of being in the real estate Market, We have studied the market around the Nairobi Metropolis and released that Kamangu, Thigio and Gikambura (Ndeiya General) will have the highest rate of return within Nairobi.

As a result, Our Management has decided to lay more emphasis and add have more Products along thogoto-mutarakwa road.

Amcco Properties Introduces Amcco Grace Gardens. A project in Kamangu – Kikuyu. Its only 3.2kms from kamangu Town, 30kms from Nairobi CBD through the Revamped Waiyaki Way, 10 Minutes from Southern by pass and 20 Minutes from Ngong Road and Karen

The 1/8  Plots retail @ only 850k, this price is not inclusive title deed transfer cost.


There has been a rush and huge demand for plots within Kamangu. There were some challenges facing this area for years. Some Include:

  1. Lack of Title deeds

For the longest time, several parcels of land in Kamangu that had been surveyed and Awarded to people in the 1990’s did not have title deeds. However, Since Feb 2022, The Government carried out a verification and Validation Exercise, after which in August 2022, they issues over 14000 title deeds, some of which were for the greater Kamangu Area.

  1. Water

Water has been a challenge in the Larger Nachu, Kamangu Region, with the only source of water being a few boreholes. One Notable fact is that Ndeiya has no river, therefore, water is a significant issue.

However, over the last one Year, the county government of Kiambu installed piping and a system to have water in Ondiri Swamp be pumped to Kamangu. The infrastructure is already set up and people around the area are now enjoying a reliable water connection

  1. Electricity

Through the Governments Last mile Connectivity the area now have adequate Electricity coverage. Majority of the areas in kamangu also have 3 phase Electricity access.

  1. Security

Majority of people who wished to buy and settle in kamangu faced some serious security challenges. This was caused by the remoteness and lack of security agencies in the area. Currently, the area is now served by, Lusigetti Police Station, Nachu Police Station, Kamangu Police Post, Thigio Police Station (SuB County headquarters).

The area has now been made a sub county and now the security agencies have been supplemented by the presence of DCC, DCIO and the OCPD of Ndeiya Sub- County

With all this challenges addressed, Kamangu is the next Frontier in Kiambu, and also within the Nairobi Metrolis. As stated here-in the area is already experiencing a high demand, and this is expect to continue as more people settle