With the rapid congestion in most Nairobi Estates including Pipeline, BuruBuru, Kasarani, Kangemi amongst others, land to settle and build houses on is decreasing fast.

This has been a worrying factor several years to date hence many residents are relocating to neighboring counties majorly Kiambu and Machakos to purchase available land. This has served as a solution but for how long until the golden areas get depleted leaving out thousands of interested buyers?

Currently plots for sale within or close to Nairobi are either too expensive to afford or are not for sale at all. This has disadvantaged more and more Kenyans working in the city and often accessing the CBD to get served and ride back home. It is due to the high inflation that rent in serene areas is a headache forcing residents to congest within the over populated apartments in Nairobi.
The worst part about it is the noise pollution, zero privacy and insecurity. How many cases of theft, fights and buildings collapsing have we heard about in the same neighborhoods? The urge to own land and have a comfortable serene homestead away from such cases has always driven us at AMCCO Properties to serve you.

plots for sale

Our aim with selling land is provide the best and affordable plots for sale near Nairobi with great amenities such that you will build your home and live happily within the Nairobi environs. Imagine owning a plot within Nairobi with only 550K? That sounds interesting!

SUPER GOOD NEWS!! With only 500,000 Kenyan Shillings, you can get to own land within the Nairobi Metropolis Area in Kikuyu!

Why 500K Not a Million Like Other Projects?

Olive Gardens is so special and its investors will be amongst the luckiest in the Kenyan real estate market because with the alarming land scarcity and ownership chaos in Nairobi, finding plots with a budget less than a million is a nightmare. In Kikuyu, areas near the town sell at 8 million and above whilst areas 10 minutes further are a bit
affordable at 1 million and above. A good example is Neema Court in Gikambura which sold at 1.5M

Within the consecutive durations we had properties in Kamangu and Thigio selling relatively lower as follows:

Kamangu Greens Phase 1 – 550K
Kamangu Greens Phase 2– 650K
Kamangu Greens Phase 3– 650K
Green Valley Kikuyu – 650K
Genesis Gardens Phase 1 – 800K
Genesis Gardens Phase 2 – 799K
Genesis Gardens Phase 3 – 999K
Genesis Gardens Phase 4 – 1.2M

Note: Kamangu is 6 minutes away while Thigio 8 minutes away from Gikambura and this tiny gap is worth thousands. This proves the closer land is to an urban center, the more expensive it is.

Question: Why is Olive Gardens within Kamangu cheaper than all the land projects sold over the months?

Land in Kikuyu appreciates at 60% yearly, meaning Kamangu Greens phase 1 which was sold at 550K one and a half years ago now sells at 900,000 Kenyan shillings plus.
Considering the ongoing road tarmacking projects, this price is expected to rise twice in value come mid 2023.
This successful speculation aspect led us to the drawing board as more interested land investors knocked on our doors and called requesting for a similar promising project just like Kamangu Greens Phase 1.
One and a half years later, the call has been answered and aside the ongoing projects selling at 1 Million and above, 550K stands a chance to grant you prime land.

Project Introduction & Accessibility

plots for sale

Olive Gardens is the new land stock with 43 plots each at Ksh 550,000.The project is in Kamangu, Kikuyu just 35 minutes from Nairobi CBD via Southern Bypass, Waiyaki way or Ngong Road. The plots can be accessed off Dagoretti road connecting to Southern Bypass or Ondiri Road linking to Waiyaki Way via Kikuyu Town.
6 minutes from Dagoretti road via Ongoing Kiriri Tarmac, the plots are centered on a plain that gives you a 360 degrees view of Kikuyu and on the left – Ngong Hills.


The plots for sale are rich in aesthetics, promising a serene neighborhood in a short duration to come. The area has very beautiful surroundings with green blue gum trees supplying fresh air and a cool fresh breeze.

Suitability and Purpose

With the fast paced growth of Kamangu and Thigio, this plots are appreciating in value that is evident when sold or residential units are built on it. The land has blue gum trees growing which is a business venture for investors who aren’t utilizing the land so soon. They can let the trees grow to maturity and sell to gain profits back; free money back after purchasing a plot.

plots for saleAmenities

So common, Kamangu is well supplied with electricity, internet and fresh water direct from Limuru Water and Sewerage Company. Hospitals i.e. Oakwood Hospital and Lusigetti Level 4 are nearby for top quality medical care whilst Damacrest Group of schools are open for schooling activities. The areas nearby have several entertainment joints to serve the community. All these guarantee service and coverage once the plots are developed and settled on. It is only a matter of time before the plots are depleted and for sure you don’t want to be left behind.
Take advantage of the price and the season whereby you get more for less; This Christmas 2022 we give you a goat per plot so hurry now to get yours. Call 0701 293 199 and schedule a free site visit while stock lasts. Having questions about Olive Gardens? Email and get instant answers anytime.