While in the diaspora, it's really important while purchasing land in Kenya, to deal with a trusted company to make the process as seamless as possible.

Whether living in Europe, working in South Africa, travelling Bali or studying in USA; the reality of dialing that land selling website, making money transfer and receiving your Title deed as a parcel is indeed very possible. It’s a simple A-Z process that starts here; 

  • Research On the Land and a Legit Vendor 

Your land acquisition journey starts by identifying your desired land, where it’s located and from whom will you be purchasing.

It is a series of research and enquiries via online mediums i.e. Google or Facebook, and preferably friends and families in Kenya to find out the right answers.

This is the most crucial stage in your land acquisition journey while abroad because you only interact with the vendors virtually (online or via your representative) and one slight mistake might land you into a scam.

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It is advisable to start by researching on the most popular areas with available plots for sale like Kikuyu within Nairobi Metropolis Area.

Afterwards, filter up the interesting locations based on your land needs either speculation, commercial or residential then narrow down the available options based on your budget range.

Next is to discover the prominent land selling companies within the area as defined by Google search or information from referrals. Having a variety of companies will bring variety of land options on your table to pick the best.

These are the important factors to consider before dealing with a company;

  • Registration and approval by the Government

  • Recognition at the Land Registry

  • Duration of operation in the land market

  • Client testimonials

  • Company success stories

  • Availability of high value land projects

NOTE: Only deal with a company after verifying its legitimacy, land selling success rate and its client’s satisfaction rate. Highly consider a company with the best-valued land projects in the market.

  • Engagement With The Land Selling Company

This stage comes after pointing out the vendor company with available land that meets your needs and desires.

The first move is to reach out to them via call, online or sending a representative to the company’s offices for a discussion on your behalf.

Visiting the actual offices ascertains proof of operation and builds trust before proceeding with any deals with the company.

Companies without an office or physical operation location sign off a red flag due to the increased cases of scammers eloping with money without trace after a payment from clients.

During the discussion, the representative negotiates in your favor informing the company your needs and desires whereas the company will provide a catalogue with all available plots for sale to suit you.

The representative is then shown the Mother Title deed of the land and a copy is sent to the client for approval.

A site visit is thereafter arranged to the land for viewing and in this case, we offer free site visits to and from the actual land location.

We accord your representative a relationship manager who guides them during the site visit and the whole purchase process for a smoother business transaction.

  • Actual Site Visit To The Land

At AMCCO Properties Limited, Transparency is our core value in business transactions between our diaspora clients and us.

To implement this and ensure the diaspora client is satisfied during the whole site visit despite their distant location anywhere in the world, we; –

  • Share the actual photos and videos during the site visit.

  • Allow the client’s representative to video call them and showcase the whole site visit and available land.

  • Engage with the client via the same video call to illustrate and explain full details of the land.

After the client is fully contented with the site visit and picks out their best plots, we head back to the office for further discussions towards the land purchase.

  • Payment And Signing Of The Documents

At the office, the relationship manager will directly call via Whatsapp or zoom to guide you through the remaining purchase process.

Firstly, a sales agreement is sent out via soft copy whereby you; the client is supposed to sign and acknowledge interest in purchasing the land.

AMCCO TITLEDEED ISSUANCE.jpg 569.93 KBThe sales agreement contains details of the land inclusive size, location etc. Before or while signing the sales agreement, you are required to send your identification documents inclusive copies of 

ID, KRA Pin and 3 passport-sized photos usable in Transfer documents.

You are opted to pay for the land in cash from your representative or direct transfer bank to bank. The payment allowed is either in installments or one time cash payment as agreed in the sales agreement.

After the signing, the sales agreement should be forwarded back to the relationship manager as you retain your copy.

The relationship manager thereafter processes transfer documents and the same signing process loops to you. These documents signify transfer of the land and Title deed number to your name and are sent to the land registry for title deed processing.

  • Title Deed Processing and Issuance

In a matter of 90 days, your Title Deed will be processed by the Land registry and sent back to our offices.

The relationship manager then prepares the Title deed for pick up by your representative any day. Alternatively, you can have the document safely parceled to your desired location within Kenya or abroad at a fee.

This whole process was stressful sometime back as a Land Investors could only achieve it physically.

Fortunately, the internet has made the world a global village, as communication and data transfer is so easy and quick therefore supporting virtual purchases like the above.

It is a call to action for Kenyans in diaspora interested in purchasing land here today to utilize those simple steps and their journey will be incredibly simple.

Let us walk you through by calling 0701 293 199 or emailing amccoproperties@gmail.com.