When a client is purchasing plots for sale, their major aim is majorly to build afterwards. Most land buyers consider building their homes and structures in regions with endless opportunities.
Apparently, worries and doubts chip in during land shopping as most prospects are new to the region and unaware if there are benefits and opportunities worth their investment. This can slow down your land ownership plans and even put your building aspirations at a standstill.

At this stage, it’s even stressful to discover a real estate company that will smoothly help you get a plot for sale that will suit your needs. Fortunately, AMCCO Properties Limited prioritizes in selling the best plots for sale located in regions with numerous opportunities for you to ponder. Additionally, you receive special benefits that propel your construction project once you purchase and own the land.

Sounds interesting, right? So, what are these benefits and opportunities that await you after investing in our plots for sale?

1. Processing Your Title Deed Instantly.

Once the full payment is complete, we work with the land legal team to initiate your Individual Title deed transfer. It takes less than 90 days to hand over the land ownership documents to you. The Ministry of Lands – Kiambu County Government has streamlined the process to be faster and more efficient for land buyers within the county.

2. Immediate Access and Ownership to your plot.

To ascertain ownership, we allow the client to fence his/her plot with chain links and quality hard poles that mark the perimeter borders. This comes in handy in ensuring that new prospects are aware that the property is owned and furthermore keeps intruders from accessing the land.
Fencing the plot is affordable with all materials being locally outsourced. We even organize a team of energetic men to perform the fencing to save you time.

plots for sale thigio

3. Availability of Affordable Building Materials Nearby.

In our previous project Grace Gardens – Kamangu, clients were privileged due to the project’s proximity to a steel works enterprise that supplied gates ready for installation.

Every 500m drive along Thogoto – Mutarakwa Road, you will spot hardware; supplying Ballast, Machine Cut Stones, Sand, Cement, and building machinery for hire.

The rising demand for construction has attracted Architects, Civil Engineers, and Masons to set up their offices ready for service in Kamangu Town.

We direct and refer clients to the best shops that offer quality building materials affordably. The guarantee is that if you buy our plots for sale then your construction project won’t be a constraint at all.

4. Connection to major Towns through Tarmac Roads

Accessibility is a major concern to clients building their homes distant from the CBD. Every land buyer wants to build in a region that is accessible preferably using tarmac roads but unfortunately, the chances of purchasing land in Kikuyu near the tarmac with a budget below 2 million are rare.

However, at AMCCO Properties Limited, we have made it a reality for you to own plots for sale affordably 100m from the tarmac for less than a million.

In a nutshell, you will easily access Nairobi CBD in 35 minutes through the Southern Bypass, Ngong Road, and Waiyaki way. To add on, the same roads have a linkage to Karen, Ngong, and Langata. Alternatively, you have access to Kikuyu Town – 10 minutes away where you can shop for everything you need.

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5. Local Top-Notch Amenities.

Proximal to where our plots for sale are located in Thigio and Kamangu, there is a wide distribution of reliable amenities to serve you.

• Electricity and Water on site – Fresh clean water is supplied by Limuru Water Company to ensure your taps never run dry. Electricity supply is 24/7 and blackouts are rare in the region.

• Educational Facilities – Damacrest schools, Green Gardens Schools, and Pleasant Hope Academy are the region most performing educational centers at your disposal.

• Health Care Facilities – Healthwise, you can access Oakwood Hospital and Lusigetti Level 5 for quality healthcare. Alternatively, there are local medical clinics with standby doctors a call away in case of emergencies.

• Fun, Comfort, and Luxury – Talk of fun and luxury, Kamangu Gardens, Rio Breeze Gardens, and Ndeiya House will facilitate that at affordable charges. You have the option to eat out, gym, play and swim while at these facilities.

plots for sale kamangu

6. Profitable Business Opportunities in the Region.

Rental Houses  – The commissioned Ndeiya sub-county has attracted massive urbanization in Thigio and Kamangu as the government offices will be settled in the area.

This is an advantage business-wise to clients interested in land commercial purposes. You have the opportunity to build rental houses near the tarmac with government officials and local tenants relocating to the area.

• Business Establishment in Local Towns – For clients pursuing business ventures and willing to establish a business nearby their home i.e., Grocery shops, spare part shops, etc. then the Kikuyu region is suitable for that. Populated with everyday consumers, your business is set to thrive within a substantial duration. Affordable premises rent will also favor the nature of your business.

With the above blueprint, it’s high time you invest in our plots for sale and become an instant beneficiary. Visit our current project, Genesis Gardens Phase 3 located in Thigio just 100m from the tarmac! Call us via 0701 293 199 or email us at