Investing in the Kenya Real Estate Market while Living and Working in the Diaspora

Real Estate Market while Living and Working in the Diaspora

Did you know that the Kenya real estate market has better returns compared to the USA, European and Australian Markets?

 The average growth of properties within the Nairobi metropolis is 10% annual appreciation, however, some due to demand some areas have hire appreciation rates ranging between 50 to 60% annual growth rate

 50% of the amounts reported by the central Bank of Kenya as Foreign Direct Investments, relate to funds that directly go to fund real estate projects or buy property in the in the Kenyan real estate market

 In recognition of the huge potential from the Diaspora Market, Amcco Properties Limited has come up with several solutions to ensure more Kenyans continue to invest in real estate

 According to James Kimani MD Amcco, Kenya’s living abroad have trust issues relating to property purchases.

As a company we have positioned ourselves as a service provider, this means, if you are living in the Diaspora and need to buy a property in Kenya, at a fee, we shall provide a lawyer, a surveyor, and a valuer to inspect and perform thorough due diligence of the property.

All the necessary steps and communication shall be handled from us and confirmation of the services provided.

Secondly, we have committed to issue an undertaking in case the property may have problems in future Amcco properties will be liable for the same

 Lastly, Amcco being a land buying and selling company we have positioned ourselves to ensure the properties we offer are genuine with ready document for our customers

we share the titles with the client, we document a land search of the same, we also document the Registered index map for the same property

 After that, we shall have the property registered in the client’s name after payment

 In this whole process the client is virtually involved and has to sign our documents either through an appointed rotary or themselves

 For all Diaspora clients, it the right time to invest in the Kenyan real-estate market

Allow AMCCO PROPERTIES to walk with you