How To Identify Successful Real Estate Agents in Kenya

How To Identify Successful Real Estate Agents in Kenya

How To Identify Successful Real Estate Agents in Kenya

As a land buyer or even a real estate agent, you ought to know how this works. It is actually a win-win situation for both parties’ because land buyers get to know who is right and well, whereas real estate agents get to see if they have the traits and are in the right direction.

Should Have Passion for Investing

For many, the time and personal capital needed to become a profitable investor are prohibitive. Because of this, the majority of those who aspire to invest in real estate fail. Drive is fueled by passion, and drive propels action. You have a far lower likelihood of succeeding if you do nothing. Passion gives you the lift you need when things are tough. On ordinary days, it instills enthusiasm as well.

Discipline in decision-making

I have never encountered a successful person who lacks discipline.

But discipline is a relative concept. Still, it’s not hard to identify individuals.

Contributing variables include getting up when you need to, completing the tasks on your to-do list, and going above and beyond what is necessary.


They study the past, make plans for the future, and put forth great effort in the here and now.

Understanding core principles

Knowledge is power. Success is more likely when you understand the principles of this business, real estate, and the specific niche you are engaging in. Long-term success requires an understanding of buying and selling property and how to be a landlord. It further requires basic economic principles. Understanding the forces of demand and supply on the economy and other areas of economics will ensure you can make informed decisions when need be. Learning the basics is critical to achieving success.

Integrity in business dealings

Real estate is known for attracting people who want to make money easily and quickly. The success of real estate investors spans years. Success is also attained through incredibly hard work. Always remember that a long and successful real estate career must be built on trust and a solid reputation.


In the real estate industry, Murphy’s Law is alive and well. You need to be adaptable enough to deal with difficult circumstances. This will help you weather the inevitable storms of unexpected events, shifting markets, and bad agreements. Good judgment and the ability to act fast when necessary are traits of successful real estate investors. They also make the required changes to ensure the long-term viability of their ventures and enterprises.

Money management skills

Most small businesses fail due to poor money management techniques. Forecasting, budgeting, and financial planning are becoming a lost art among small business owners. This can be lethal to your business. This is why understanding the basics of accounting, tax law, cash flow management, debt management, and other financial principles is so important, even if you have a great accountant and bookkeeper.

A Team of Successful People

As they say, “Go with people if you want to go far.”

People are the business in real estate.

Keep in mind that a team is needed for every real estate transaction to be completed.

Once the deal is closed, frequently even more parties become involved.

Consequently, it’s critical to establish and preserve connections with lenders, lawyers, contractors, agents, accountants, and other individuals who can support the expansion of your company.

 Superior communication skills

You have undoubtedly heard this a million times, but it is true: having great communication skills is essential. You will be unable to bargain for a better price, conduct contractor interviews, vet possible tenants, form partnerships, and perform a plethora of other everyday duties in any other manner. Communication is not limited to in-person interactions. Thus, it’s important that you practice both your writing and speaking abilities.READ: 7 Advantages of Buying Land From a Company