How to Apply For A Land Board Consent

How to Apply For A Land Board Consent

How to Apply For A Land Board Consent

A land board consent is a legal requirement for selling, subdividing, or charging agricultural land in Kenya.
It is meant to prevent the unsustainable use of land.
To obtain land board consent, you need to apply 10 days before the board meeting to the relevant land control board in your area and provide the required documents. Some of the documents you may need are:


  • A Spousal Consent

If a family member is involved in the transfer (buying or selling), then the spouse must give written permission, showing their willingness and cooperation with the intended sale or purchase.

The spouse must be present in the board meeting and must present valid identification documents (this is regardless of whether their name appears on the land documents or not).

  • A copy of the I.D. of both the seller and the buyer

  • A copy of the KRA pin for both the seller and the buyer

  • Executed application for consent forms

  • Proof of land ownership documents

  • Community Consent

For companies, include a certificate of incorporation and a pin certificate.

  • Copy of the title deed

A payment of 1,000 Ksh is charged at the county’s land office, and a receipt is issued upon payment.

As per the board meeting, the board is made up of a panel of appointed persons and is headed by a chairperson, who in most cases is the DC, DO, or their representative.

Required in the meeting are the seller and purchaser or their appointed agents.
The panel usually checks to ensure that the transfer meets the stipulated conditions.
The Board enjoys a wide range of discretion and can decline consent or give it after hearing representations, including any objections.

Anything else you may need clarification on, the Ministry of Lands will guide you accordingly, or you can as well feel free to ask.