Factors That Affect The Cost of Building a 3 Bedroom House in Kenya

Factors That Affect The Cost of Building a 3 Bedroom House in Kenya

Factors That Affect The Cost of Building a 3 Bedroom House in Kenya

Building a 3-bedroom bungalow house is a very popular choice for people, especially those who have families and other individuals looking for extra space.
The cost of constructing such a house in Kenya can vary greatly depending on a variety of factors.
Knowing the following factors will help you prepare effectively when you will need to own your own house someday.

1. The location

The place where you have decided to set up your construction matters a lot, as it can play a very crucial role in contributing to the cost of the building.

For instance, depending on how far the place is located from the raw materials, the price will always be high depending on how far the location is from the raw materials because of the accessibility and the time taken when transporting the necessarily required raw materials.

2. The Size of the House

The larger the house, the more it will need to be supplied with raw materials to make it complete, and vice versa if the house is small.

These are basically things that are made to make you aware and ready for what’s to come.
There’s definitely a difference between a bungalow and a maisonette.

A bungalow is a small house that is either single-story with dormer windows, whereas a maisonette is a set of rooms for living in, typically on two storeys of a larger building that has a separate entrance. Both of these require different roofing and raw materials, so it is good to be very selective when doing so.

3. The Type of Materials

Of course you have decided to build, but what about the raw materials that you will be using on the buildings?

This will greatly impact the end result. For instance, if you have decided that you will be using high-end materials like marble or granite, this will slightly make you go deep in your pockets, whereas there are slightly cheaper options like ceramics.

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At the end of the day, only the owner gets to decide on what to work with, but this is just something that is meant to prepare you so that you know there are way easier options and high-end things.
The materials you will use will definitely influence the cost.

4. Labor Costs

Hiring skilled labor professionals will for sure cost more than hiring unskilled professionals, but the end product will definitely be of higher quality.

On this one, you may need to not take a risk, but it is good to involve professionals because, at the end of the day, you don’t want shoddy work.

5. Housing Design

The type of design you choose will also determine the cost of your house because some designs require high-end materials like marble and granite.
You look at a couple of things, like the roofing design.

If you decide to use a flat roof, that means you are going in the direction of a slab, which means cement will be available in plenty as well as steel bars and mortar.

The other way around is if you are using iron sheets, which will just need nails, timber, and maybe tiles.
Each roof covers sheet expenses in a different way, and additionally, the cost depends upon the supplier.
Building a 3-bedroom home may roughly cost you $3 million to $5 million; remember, these are just estimations, and it may be way more than these estimated figures.
It is possible to build a 3-bedroom house in Kenya as long as you have proper planning and budgeting. It will definitely be a rewarding experience.
With the above factors, I believe you can make a clear, informed decision.

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