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Customers Testimonials and Success Stories

In the bustling world of real estate, where trust and customer satisfaction are non-negotiable principles, AMCCO Property Limited stands out as a beacon of trust, excellence and reliability. Over the years, AMCCO has etched its mark as a premier destination for land acquisition and real estate investment, earning massive endorsements and accolades from clients and independent institutions.

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What sets AMCCO apart is not just its impressive portfolio of properties but also its unmatched commitment to customer satisfaction. Guided by an ethos of honesty and transparency, AMCCO has received recognition for its exceptional customer service, where every interaction is not just about completing a transaction but a journey towards making dreams come true.

Clients appreciate the personalised attention they receive when interacting with our team. This is done purposely to ensure every client who seeks to do business with AMCCO is well-guided in order to make an informed decision.

Saida Ibrahim is one of the happy clients who recently bought a parcel of land from AMCCO. She did not hide her joy when she was called to pick up her title deed at AMCCO offices.

I came here, and I was warmly received, everyone was willing to help. I met one of your sales guys, Joshua, and I really stressed him because you had so many plots, and I wanted to see all of them. They were all good and I bought one. I have full trust in AMCCO, and I will bring more people here to buy land,” she said after receiving her title deed.

Saida had earlier bought a different plot, but after sampling more properties through AMCCO’s newly launched virtual tour platform, she asked to transfer the payment to another plot. AMCCO, being flexible and customer-centred, allowed her to select another land that would satisfy her.

“All the plots were really good. The reason why I chose Silver Crest is because it’s just close to the tarmac,” she averred.

Despite the heavy rains and flooding crisis, Saida was impressed to note that all plots AMCCO was selling were not affected.

“I have not seen anything on this side of Kikuyu, and I don’t think there will be anything (floods). I’m heading there right away after collecting this title deed,”

Jecinta Muthoni was impressed by AMCCO’s efficiency and professionalism in helping her identify the best plot to buy and filing all the necessary documents to ensure the process is not only complete but also accurate and valid.

“I can attest that the plots are good, and AMCCO team is reliable. They treated me well and guided me through the process slowly until we completed it. I’m happy I have finally received my title deed,” she said.

Wainaina Njehia, one of the latest land owners in Kikuyu, applauded AMCCO’s speed of delivering title deeds upon completion of payment.

“AMCCO Properties Limited are the best in terms of customer service, legal service and everything. I bought a property with them and received my title deed in three months. I recommend anyone who wants to invest with them to do it because they are legit,” said Njehia.

Grace Thiongo bought two plots from AMCCO Properties Limited after a rigorous process that had initially scared her. She lauded the company for guiding her through the intricate process until she finally became a proud landowner.

“I’m happy because I’m receiving my two titles. It has not been an easy journey, but with AMCCO on my side, it was excellent. They made it easier for me to be able to acquire the two plots. I’m so happy and grateful to AMCCO for everything they have done for me. All I can say is may God bless AMCCO,” said Grace.

Lise Mwenda was left in disbelief and awe when AMCCO team drove all the way from Kikuyu to her home in Ngong to deliver her title deed.

“I trust AMCCO and I will recommend it any time. I was used to visiting the offices to follow up on the progress of the title deed but you guys have made it really easier for me,” said a jovial Lisa.

These are just but a few clients who have had an amazing experience with AMCCO and have remained to be part of the company’s expanding investment community.

If interested in partnering with AMCCO to transform landscapes into lifestyles, don’t hesitate to contact the company via 0701 293 199 or 0711-082-083.

You can also take advantage of the company’s newly launched VR services and enjoy the breathtaking view of all the properties on sale from the comfort of your couch. All you need is to follow this link