Buying Plots For Sale isn’t an issue but what is the best time to do so? And how affordable can it be during these times?

Kenya has a huge land market and it’s likely for any land buyer to sink through in search of the best times to purchase valuable plots for sale while sparing an extra coin. Be assured that after reading this blog you will be in the limelight ready to step ahead.

In this article, we break down the 5 Best times to Purchase Plots For Sale in 2022 while considering affordable pricing and other secondary factors.

1. Low Peak Land Sale Seasons

In months January – February when prospects are focused on pre and post-December budgets i.e., Festivities, School Fees etc. there is low interest in plots for sale. At this time land prices are highly discounted due to the low seasonal sales hence this might be a prime time to buy land since plots for sale are at relatively lower prices than usual.

2. When it’s Wet and Rainy

Drainage is an important factor when buying any plot for sale, especially one to build a home on. No one wants a flooding experience anywhere near their beautiful home, but sadly it occasionally happens. This  happens when a client buys land while it is a completely dry season with no signs of drainage. Fortunately, when it rains you gain a better experience on drainage conditions of the land whereby you will precisely decide whether to buy or not.

plots for sale in thigio3. During Infrastructure Development in the Area

Tarmac roads aid smooth rides to your destination quickly. But it comes at a high cost. Land Proximity to main roads and towns is a privilege that skyrockets land prices in an area. It’s advisable to spot a developing metropolitan area in advance with either ongoing tarmacking of roads or commissioned roads to be tarmacked in the near future. This way you will buy plots for sale affordably within the standard duration and be able to access the completed tarmac.

N.B- Buying plots for sale in areas with ready tarmacked roads will cost you twice to thrice the budget you could buy before tarmacking. Based on a client’s budget and urgency to own the land, a decision can be made.

4. During Yearly Celebrations & Seasons

It is relatable that on special holidays like Christmas and Easter, we all focus on spending time with loved ones, visiting upcountry, or attending ceremonies. This season causes a rapid decrement in land sales thus realtor companies have to reduce their prices to attract the few interested parties at the time. Unfortunately, this season is a maximum of a week hence first come first serve. The prices escalate to normal or more once the holidays are over.

5. When You Have The Time, Need & Money!

Finally, guaranteed you have the time, need, and money, invest in affordable prime plots for sale. Recognized by the Brand Of The Year Awards (BOYA) 2022 Awards as the most preferred land selling startup in Kenya, AMCCO Properties is guaranteed to give you value for your money when you invest!

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