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Amcco Thigio Breeze

Introducing the newly titled project titled ‘Thigio Breeze’ in Thigio Kikuyu, as the name suggests, in an area where you will experience a cool breeze and help you calm your thoughts.

We believe our clients deserve the best, which is why we work tirelessly to see that your wishes are fulfilled.
 This beautiful 50 by 100 project is in Thigio Kikuyu, 600 meters from the main tarmac road, and goes at a cash price of 899,000 ksh. You can bet it is one of a kind because it has stunning views and a lot of greenery.

Amenities On the newly released, Thigio Breeze

1. There’s water that flows 24 hours a day, round the clock.
 2. There’s also electricity; once you have purchased the plot, electricity will be connected on the spot, guaranteeing accessibility, as all access roads come rain or shine.
 3. Security is also something you can be assured of, as there are neighbors within the area.

Neighbourhood Amenities 


: PCEA Kikuyu Hospital

: Life Care Hospital

: Oak Wood Hospital


: Lusigetti Market

: Kikuyu Market
 :Kikuyu Grocery Markets
 : Ndunyu Market


: The Green Garden Schools

: Damacrest School
 : Alliance Girls High School

: Alliance Boys High School;

: Ubuntu Junior Academy


Places of Worship:

: P.C.E.A Thigio

: Delivery Church Runguri:

: The Full Gospel of Churches in Kenya
 : Citam Kikuyu

Recreational and Entertainment Areas:

: Sigona Golf Club

: Gosshen Restaraunt & Treat
 : Leilani Gardens
 : Nachu Caves

In addition to the above-mentioned details,

Thigio Breeze will serve as the best place where you can come and call home after a long day at work and relax your thoughts. As the name suggests, ‘Breeze’ means that this area will be serving you with a cool climate, and who wouldn’t need that? The stunning views from Thigio are just therapeutic and to die for.

What makes this new project stand out is:

.Its strategic location, which is 600 meters from the main tarmac road, tells you that it is an area that will grow at a fast pace, and you may just be among the first to reap the fruits of what you invested in.
 . There’s also room for growth. Investing in ‘Thigio Breeze’ assures you two things: you can capitalize on the region’s growth and development, and it does give you a ready market that will be available so that you can distribute what you have been working on should you decide to venture into Agri Business.

Make that move today, book a free site visit, and come witness greatness just before your eyes.
 Thigio Breeze goes at a price of 899,000 Ksh with ready-made individual title deeds.
 Own a piece of Kenya by buying land in Kikuyu; that’s a growing area that you can invest in.

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THIGIO BREEZE - Thigio plots for sale

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